Let Me Run That Interview By The Mossad

Allah Is In The House had this to say about me linking his blog in my up & coming blogs post…

“(W)hen the most profane Jew John Hawkins layeth down a link, then, infidels, there shall be trouble in Paradise. Tell me, Hawkins, when do you plan to interview Allah? Allah has long dreamed of the day when you and he face off in a climactic interrogation reminiscent of the final scene in “A Few Good Men”. Allah shall be Nicholson and you shall be the latently gay yet charismatic prosecutor Cruise, doggedly trying to badger a confession out of Allah even while Allah’s macho alpha-male charm commands the room. You shall demand the truth about shari’a and Allah shall tell you that you cannot handle the truth, and then you shall demand to know whether Allah ordered the code red on Anwar Sadat and Allah shall tell you YOU’RE [email protected] RIGHT I DID. It will be awesome, kufr. Seriously, think it over.”

Interview you? I’m sure that would go over really well with my Zionist masters. I can just imagine that conversation with Ariel Sharon…

John Hawkins: Oh by the way, I just interviewed Allah and put it up on my Zionist propaganda front blog, Right Wing News.

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Ariel Sharon: Oh that’s OK, no problem. I can’t wait to read it.

John Hawkins: Really sir? I thought you’d be furious with me…

Ariel Sharon: Why would you think such a thing American lackey? To the contrary, (slaps me on the shoulder) I love it when you don’t follow orders & promote my greatest enemy on a page we created to promote Zionism. It truly fills me with delight…

John Hawkins: Ehr…when you slapped me on the shoulder, your ring pricked me. You didn’t just poison me did you?

Ariel Sharon: Don’t be silly! Now you go on home and get some rest, you’re not looking well. I’ll see you soon…or I won’t, who can really say about such things?

You think I’m going to voluntarily put myself through something like that Allah? Then think again!

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