Let The Vietnam Comparisons Begin

Let The Vietnam Comparisons Begin: I think we have a new record.

In Afghanistan, 24 days after we started the bombing and roughly five weeks before we had almost the whole country in hand, RW. Apple from the New York Times was asking,

“Could Afghanistan become another Vietnam? Is the United States facing another stalemate on the other side of the world? Premature the questions may be, three weeks after the fighting began. Unreasonable they are not, given the scars scoured into the national psyche by defeat in Southeast Asia. For all the differences between the two conflicts, and there are many, echoes of Vietnam are unavoidable?”

Well, we have a new champion at playing the “Vietnam card” although I’m not sure who holds it. When I was driving back from the beach yesterday afternoon, I heard someone at a Dept. of Defense press conference referring to Umm Qasr and asking John Abizaid if this was turning into another Vietnam. I tried to do a search to find out who that was, but wouldn’t you know that I couldn’t find a transcript. If you know who asked that question and what network they were from, make sure to post it in the comments.

While we’re waiting to find out who our new record holder is, can I just suggest a little self-imposed rule for the left-wing media out there? Could you wait, oh let’s say at least six months before you start shouting, “Vietnam! It’s another Vietnam! Quagmire! Did you hear what I said? It’s a Quuuaaaaggmmiiirreee!!”

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