Let’s Pull A Harriet Miers On The Senate Amnesty Bill

There aren’t going to be any week-end links today because it’s time to take action. This immigration bill? It’s an absolute disaster for America and the Republican Party.

However, despite all the backslapping and talk you’ve been hearing about the bill being in the bag, it’s far from a done deal. The base is apoplectic as I have ever seen them, the pro-amnesty crowd is keeping their heads down, and this amnesty compromise is very fragile. The Democrats are nervous about it and this whole deal could easily collapse. If the bill gets any tougher, liberal Democrats will drop off, and if it gets any softer, conservative Republicans will opt out.

Can we get 41 Senators to support a filibuster? Right now, we’re not that close, but if we can keep the pressure on, this whole house of cards will come tumbling down and they won’t be able to start putting it back together again until 2009. In the interim, border security, which everyone CLAIMS to support will continue to improve and the wall, which has barely been started, will move on, and we will have a chance to get a better deal. It’s no coincidence that this bill, terrible though it may be, is better than the last one. And if we stave this one off, the next bill that comes up will be even better.

Admittedly, the odds are against us in the Senate, but they’re not insurmountable and the good news is that the base is ready to fight. That means what we have here is another Harriet Miers situation. There are no guarantees that we can succeed, but the base stopped Harriet Miers and we can stop this bill in the Senate or at least raise such a ruckus that we will terrify the House out of considering a bill.

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So, how to do it? Keep the pressure up in the rightosphere and burn up the phone lines. Here’s what you can do this week-end.

#1) If you have a Republican Senator, pick up the phone and call them. Since it’s the week-end, you may have to leave a message, but that’s fine. If they have to spend 30-40 minutes listening to unhappy constituents first thing on Monday, that’s a great way for them to start the day.

You can get the numbers and/or email addresses of your home state Senators here.

#2) Call the National Republican Senatorial Committee at (202) 675-6000 and let them know that you will not support the reelection of any Senator in 2008 who votes for the amnesty bill in the Senate.

#3) Call the Republican National Committee at 202.863.8500 (option 1) and let them know you will not support any candidate in 2008 who votes for the amnesty bill in the Senate (Incidentally, a lot of you must be doing this already because when I called about 10 minutes ago, the mailbox was full.)

When you make these calls be POLITE, but firm. And if you have been complaining about this bill, do make the call. If these guys get enough calls, they will back down, but it’s not going to happen unless people step up to the plate.

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