Lib In Britain: Children Should No Longer Study History, Geography, Science

It’s quite ironic that most people seem to believe that liberals are more concerned about education than conservatives because libs put a much lower value on actually educating children than conservatives do.

Now, teaching children Left-Wing propaganda in school? Liberals care a lot about that. Catering to every whim of the teachers’ unions that help Democrats win elections? Liberals are all about that.

But, actually educating kids? Honestly, I believe that there are more than a few liberals who would rather keep children stupid because they believe it’s to their advantage.

For example, take a look at this story from Britain where the Left is slowly but surely, systematically destroying that country from the inside,

Children should no longer be taught traditional subjects at school because they are “middle-class” creations, a Government adviser will claim today.

Professor John White, who contributed to a controversial shake-up of the secondary curriculum, believes lessons should instead cover a series of personal skills.

Pupils would no longer study history, geography and science but learn skills such as energy- saving and civic responsibility through projects and themes.

…The professor believes the origins of our subject-based education system can be traced back to 19th century middle-class values.

While public schools focused largely on the classics, and elementary schools for the working class concentrated on the three Rs, middle-class schools taught a range of academic subjects.

These included English, maths, history, geography, science and Latin or a modern language.

They “fed into the idea of academic learning as the mark of a well-heeled middle- class”, he said last night.

The Tories then attempted to impose these middle-class values by introducing a traditional subject-based curriculum in 1988.

But this “alienated many youngsters, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds”, he claimed.

The professor, who specialises in philosophy of education, was a member of a committee set up to advise Government curriculum authors on changes to secondary schooling for 11 to 14-year-olds.

The reforms caused a row when they were unveiled last year for sidelining large swathes of subject content in favour of lessons on issues such as climate change and managing debt.

Note that this is not just some lunatic spouting off in the forums of the Democratic Underground; it’s a person who’s actually advising the British government on what to put in its school curriculum.

If lefties like this guy have their way, kids won’t know math, science, or history, but they will be able to quote to you from Earth in the Balance. That’s really where liberal priorities really are when it comes to education.

Hat tip to Knowledge is Power for the story.

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