Libby Jury Shenanigans

“Denis Collins, the Libby juror who said that politics played no role in the verdict, has published his diary of the trial, available exclusively at…the Huffington Post.” — Byron York

PS: The account is 7900 words, which would seem to suggest he was working on it during the trial since it’s highly improbable that he churned out that much copy since the verdict was in yesterday.

PS #2: You can read the account here. Wonder if he cut a deal with the Huffington Post to do the diary before or after the trial was over?

PS #3: My buddy E. M. Zanotti, who is a law student, tells me that this post appearing today would only be grounds for an appeal if the writer and Ariana had contact before the trial was over to set up a paid post. But, whether this guy started working on this post before the trial was over and whether he got paid has no impact on the appeal.

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