Liberal Misogyny Aimed At Michelle Malkin From The Democratic Underground.

When Hillary’s fans complained about the incredible amount of sexism on the Left, I took it with a grain of salt. However, the ridiculous, over-the-top misogyny and general contempt for women — that has been displayed by liberals, including liberals in the mainstream media, since Sarah Palin has been selected — has been so absolutely grotesque that it’s impossible to miss.

If you want to see yet another example of it, one that doesn’t involve Sarah Palin, look at some of the results of a “*** “Official” DU Michelle Malkin Nickname Contest ***

(Because most of these nicknames are obscene, they’re listed below the fold)

ColbertWatcher: GOP’s Ping-pong Radio Gal! n/t

dkofos: Bukake queen

King Sandbox: Something that rhymes with blunt. Other than that, I have nothing.

EOTE: That was my first thought too. I was going to suggest “Miserable little c*&^” Not terribly funny, but a more appropriate nickname I can’t think of.

vickiss: Traitor works. n/t

Bluebear: Maglalang-a-ding-dong.

ResetButton: GOP Glory Hole

flvegan: Miss Tijuana Donkey Show

The Straight Story: Whatever we name her, engrave it the her knee pads she wears when servicing bush. cause she spends a lot of time doing that 🙂

Bonobo: B.U.B. (Bug-eyed Bitch)

DCKit: Poonditz. I know it’s horrible, sexist and nasty, but the only person more hateful on the airwaves is OxyRush.

agentwilliam: “Little Facsit Whore”. Complements Alex Jones

HughMoran: Michelle Malkin, lolita of the night

This disturbing image really stood out as well.

Now, after reading these comments, are you really surprised that bloggers on the Left hate Sarah Palin and have been targeting her children?

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