Liberal “Mobying” On A MSNBC Post About Molly Ivins Death?

Over at the Huffpo, blogger Steve Andersen has a post called, “Molly Ivins: Right Wingers cheer her death.” The egregious examples by far that he points out are some truly despicable comments at the MSNBC Message Board about Molly Ivins.

Here’s a sample of what some of these scumbags have to say:

Joe R. (11 posts): A sad case — she couldn’t help being ugly AND stupid, but she could have kept her mouth shut and her fingers off the keyboard. Good riddance.

CRJ_Pilot (3 posts): All that liberal anger and rage against those not like her neocommunist self decayed Molly from the inside out. Hate kills.

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Blueoystercult (5 posts): You see Molly, when you are so full of hate, the cheap way you attacked the president, no wonder you got cancer. The world is a better place without this vile witch!

Leo93230 (7 posts): i am soooooooo glad that she is dead. I smiled so BIG when i saw the news of her passing. GOOD RIDDANCE to a hate filled bitter old hag who had nothing good to say about anyone outside of her political views. I hope to GOD that there will never be another one-sided close-minded hate-filled columnist but then again……..when she goes there are plenty of acid tongue liberals to go around to fill her shoes.

normalamerican (1 post): Good riddance to bad rubbish as my mom used to say. Her one-sided left-wing hatchet jobs are finally gone and will soon be forgotten.

Tramplife (1 post): They say bitterness is what brings on cancer and lowers the bodies resistance to fight the disease,and with the venom this legacy media relic spewed out it is no wonder she got it and “LOST the FIGHT”…..I’m sure St. Peters has some good ol folks by his side who will see her for what she is and bounce her butt of the cloud…….GOOD RIDDANCE MOLLY , may you keep Saddaam warm for eternity!!!!

Brddrb (1 post): Hell just got a little more crowded.

canthony (9 post): No tears here, she was taking up space on this earth as with most liberals blaming their problems on everyone else, instead of themselves. Good riddance!!

Now obviously, these sort of incredibly inappropriate comments in wake of someone’s death have unfortunately become more prevalent in recent years, so some of them could certainly be real. If they are — and again, some of them may be — they certainly deserve to be condemned in the strongest of terms.

However, if you’ll notice, I included a post count with each offensive quote. That’s because I don’t think a lot of these posts are genuine. I think some liberal or group of liberals out there, either because they wanted to make conservatives look bad or because they wanted something to blog about, created most of them. Granted, not all of the accounts have been created since Ivins’ death, but obviously, given their post counts, these are not people who regularly post on those boards. So, are there really that many people who were inspired to post for the first time, or at least for the first time in months, just so they could say nasty things about Molly Ivins after her death? It seems highly doubtful.

PS: The term “Mobying” comes from this quote by musician Moby:

“No one’s talking about how to keep the other side home on Election Day. It’s a lot easier than you think and it doesn’t cost that much. This election can be won by 200,000 votes. You target (Bush’s) natural constituencies. For example, you can go on all the pro-life chat rooms and say you’re an outraged right-wing voter and that you know that George Bush drove an ex-girlfriend to an abortion clinic and paid for her to get an abortion.”

PS #2: When I take quotes from places like the Democratic Underground, I don’t use quotes from people with under 40-50 comments for exactly this reason.

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