Liberal Projection On Race

Liberals love to claim that conservatives hate minorities.

If you believe the left, no matter what we say or do to the contrary, every conservative is really a hate mongering bigot. However, if you ask me, a lot of that is pure projection. One of the reasons I say that is because a lot of liberals have no qualms about hurling vulgar, race-based insults at conservative minorities.

That’s not to say that liberals don’t love minorities. They do love them — as long as they do exactly what they’re told by white liberals. The moment minorities step off the liberal plantation, a lot of those same politically correct, “tolerant” liberals don’t just disagree with them, they start coming up with the sort of insults that would make David Duke or Robert Byrd crack a smile.

Let me give you one example.

A liberal group called Students Against War put out a nauseating press release bragging how they drove military recruiters off the UC Santa Cruz campus in a time of war. In their press release, they included their contact information which Michelle Malkin, among other people, posted.

Well, these goofs at Students Against War are apparently as dumb as they are unpatriotic, because they seem to be shocked, shocked I tell you, that they’ve received angry and threatening emails and phone calls after what they did.

Moreover, these morons and various liberal blogs, irrationally picked Michelle out of the hat and blamed her for the death threats SAW received despite the fact that SAW’s email and phone numbers are still posted all over the web.

Anyway, here’s the sort of email Michelle is getting from liberals who are hearing about this story on the left side of the blogosphere:

Michael McPherson [email protected]****
6:42 pm (1 hour ago)

You are a f*cking slanty-eyed c*nt.

Have a nice day

From: [email protected]***** [email protected]*****
Date: Apr 17, 2006 7:47 PM
Subject: TIP

Someone ought to sew your c*nt up with barbed wire. Not that it gets any use, you facist, hate spewing, disgraceful piece of sh*t.

Craig Mayor [email protected]****
Date: Apr 17, 2006 7:24 PM
Subject: ch*nk scum

listen ch*nk

leave the students alone

lets call YOUR friends and family

What you’re seeing here, folks, is what a lot of politically correct liberals REALLY think of minorities. It’s not such a pretty picture, is it?

*** Update #1: *** 1) Let me just say that there was absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong with Michelle posting the phone numbers and email addresses of the SAW people on her website. Nothing.

While I have condemned posting private home addresses and phone numbers publicly, when you put a phone number or email address on a press release, as far as I’m concerned, you have no standing to complain about it being publicized. After all, that’s the whole point of the press release.

2) Also, let me add that when you brag about engaging in seditious behavior (“Our demonstration today is a clear example of how tangible success can be when we take strategic actions against the war at a local level.”) against the troops while they’re fighting and dying across the world for our freedom, it’s almost guaranteed to produce an enormously strong reaction from people. That’s why trying to blame Michelle Malkin because these anti-military scumbags in SAW got some vicious emails and calls is so disingenuous.

3) That’s doesn’t excuse the threatening, obscene, and obnoxious phone calls or email, however. In fact, I would suggest that the people at SAW contact local law enforcement and tell them that they want to prosecute anyone who threatened them.

4) Also, I caught this little gem in the SAW press release:

“It’s been over a year and a half since the military has been able to effectively recruit on this UC campus as all their attempts have been met by mass student actions.”

If that’s true, it would seem to indicate that Santa Cruz University is in violation of the law and per the Solomon Amendment (Hat tip, Michelle), it means that all Federal Funding to the school should be cut off.

Surely there must be some Republicans in Congress who’ll stick up for the military and make a big issue out of this.

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