Liberals should be careful asking for the truth about history

From the Associated Press

American students often get the impression from history classes that the British got here first, settling Jamestown, Va., in 1607. They hear about how white Northerners freed the black slaves, how Asians came in the mid-1800s to build Western railroads. The lessons have left out a lot.

Forty-two years before Jamestown, Spaniards and American Indians lived in St. Augustine, Fla. At least several thousand Latinos and nearly 200,000 black soldiers fought in the Civil War. And Asian-Americans had been living in California and Louisiana since the 1700s.

Now, more of these and other lesser-known facts about American minorities are getting more attention. The main reason is the nation’s growing diversity.

That sounds nice, except Jamestown isn’t lauded all that much since they all died. The Plymouth Rock colony is the one I remember being focused on, since they had the advantage of showing to the rest of Europe that they could survive.

But do Liberals really want the contributions of Blacks to the Civil War noted? Because there’s this annoying fact they’ll have a hard time hiding—Blacks fought for the South, too.

From Issue & Views (a Black owned and operated news site) …

Cutting through what he calls the "mythology" that passes for history, [Professor Edward C. Smith is Director of American Studies at American University in Washington, DC] shares some little known facts about the pre-Civil War period….

"The important thing to keep in mind is that slavery was dying out on its own. It would have died had there been no war at all. It would have taken a little longer, but the war simply speeded up a process that had already begun to take effect. Since there were over 500,000 free blacks throughout the South, this meant that every slave always saw free blacks around him, and knew that freedom was possible."

Showing historical artifacts owned by his grandfather, Louis Nelson, who fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War, Nelson Winbush sets some records straight. A member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Winbush tells about black and white soldiers who fought together in the War, not to preserve slavery, but to keep out invaders who were bent on destruction. On the home front, black and white family members protected one another from the brutality of invading Yankee soldiers. "When the Yanks came down South, the first thing they did was rape the black women. Then they raped the black missy girls. Then they went and got drunk and raped the white women. The black man’s wives and daughters were raped before the white women were raped. So, if you talk about bonding [between black and white southerners], there’s your cause for bonding."

Says Winbush, "There are those who argue that blacks did not fight for the Confederacy. If this was the case, then why was my grandfather’s application for pension received, accepted and approved? He was Number 32 for the Colored Man’s Pension, State of Tennessee."

I expect this rush to include more minorities in history will lead to either A. a lot of fictional history being taught or B. a quiet return to the status quo….because the last thing Liberals actually want is for American school children to be taught real history.

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