Liberals Target Michelle Malkin’s Family

From Michelle Malkin’s Website:

“You know who you all are.

And if you think I’m going to stop blogging/writing/making a living because you’ve plastered my family’s private home address, phone numbers, and photos and maps of my neighborhood all over the Internet to further your manufactured outrage and pathetic coddling of a bunch of lying, anti-troops punks at UC Santa Cruz…

…you better think again.”

So, what do we have here? Michelle Malkin, among other people, simply posted numbers and email addresses that were proudly included in a press release that was freely available to anyone who went to SAW’s website.

Then, at some point, some of those members of SAW received threatening emails and phone calls. Did they get them from Michelle’s blog? Who knows? It’s entirely possible that after the story got some exposure, people simply went to SAW’s website and got the phone numbers and email addresses there. After all, they were freely available to the general public.

But, because the left side of the blogosphere is so eaten up with hate for conservatives, particularly conservative minorities, many of them lied and claimed that Michelle had posted personal numbers on her website and was responsible for the death threats leveled at these SAW.

As a result, Michelle had liberals sending her some of the most vulgar and racist emails imaginable. But, even that wasn’t enough for the left. Now, you’ve got liberals literally trying to get Michelle and her family harassed or attacked. I guess a lot of liberals figure, “If we can’t beat you, we’ll give out your home address and hope some nutjob attacks your kids.”

This incident just confirms what we already knew: that these days, there are a lot of sick and depraved liberals out there.

*** Update #1 ***: More from Protein Wisdom & Polipundit.

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