Liberals Vs. Cops, Churches, & The Military

One of the things you’ll often notice, particularly around election time, is liberals proclaiming their undying affection and love for the military, the police, and Christianity. Why, if you suggest that they’re not sincere, they will pitch a fit! How dare you “attack their patriotism” by suggesting that they’re hostile to the military, suggest that they’re “soft on crime,” or doubt their endless love for Christianity! It’s an outrage!

But…and this is a funny thing…many of these same liberals relentlessly talk down and attack the military, the police, and Christianity.

Here’s one relevant example of note to illustrate the point. Chris Bowers of the wildly popular MyDD is no lightweight on the liberal blogging scene. Look at Bowers’ reaction to a Gallup poll showing that the three institutions that Americans have the most confidence in are the military, the police, and churches:

“While I am sure that Americans would express a great deal of confidence in Democracy as an abstract concept, when it comes to actual institutions that are, at least ostensibly, Democratic, they tend to express very little confidence. According to the latest Gallup poll on the subject, 44% express confidence in the Presidency, 24% in organized labor, and only 22% in Congress. By contrast, Americans express a great deal of confidence in situations that are not only undemocratic (the military, the police, organized religion), but even frequently rely upon force for their authority.

…What is perhaps most disturbing about this poll is that along with rising confidence in the military, the nation is expressing rising confidence in the police. In fact, at 63% this year and 64% last year, confidence in the police has reached an all-time high. If you couple rising confidence in the police and the military with declining confidence in the criminal justice system, elected institutions and the news media, you have the makings of a populace that would be comfortable with a police state. Now, while I personally think comparisons to our current government and Nazi Germany are absurd, offensive and based in ignorance, the growing national comfort with authoritarian and totalitarian measures cannot be ignored.

You’d have to think that most Americans would be pleased that the public has a lot of confidence in the military and the police, but to Bowers it’s “disturbing” and evidence of a “populace that would be comfortable with a police state.”

Gee, maybe most Americans don’t think “fascism” when they look at our policemen and troops because America has about the same chance of becoming a totalitarian state as Israel has of being invited to head the Arab League.

But of course, people like Bowers don’t look at it that way because they have an intrinsic dislike and distrust of the military, the police, and churchgoing folks. In their mind, they’re the sort of very people who’d love to see an authoritarian state spring up, but in truth, part of the reason the American people have confidence in those institutions is because they’re full of exactly the sort of people who’d be first to stand up and oppose an American “police state.”

It’s no accident that this country is the longest running democracy in the world and that will continue in no small part thanks to Christians, cops, & our troops — ya know, exactly the sort of people many liberals like Chris Bowers seem to find disturbing.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin for the story.

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