Liberals Vs. The South

You can always see how liberals think they’re doing politically based on the sort of articles that appear on the Lefty blogs.

When liberals are down in the dumps and think they’re in trouble, you see a lot of posts about conspiracy theories and revolution.

On the other hand, when libs think they’re doing well, they quickly become so smug that they think they won’t be hurt politically if they publicly admit some of their more repulsive beliefs about the troops, Christians, and Southerners.

Speaking of Southerners, Northern liberals tend to believe that Southerners are backwards, inbred, toothless hillbillies who deserve to be treated with utter contempt and Hillary’s victory in West Virginia has brought out the South-hating libs in full force.

Here’s one example of “humor” from the TPM Cafe that’s pretty typical of the whole liberal attitude towards the South,

Top Ten Reasons Obama Lost West Virginia

6. Civil rights era repeal of literacy requirement for voting permits West Virginia whites to vote en masse.

4. Whitewater rafting most popular summer recreation.

1. 73% of West Virginians think Obama agrees with disturbing teaching of radical black pastor, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.

If you think that the libs look at North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, etc. any differently than they do West Virginia, you’re kidding yourself.

PS: This quote about West Virginia from Oliver Willis may actually end up making this year’s version of the 40 most obnoxious quotes,

“Because of proximity here in Maryland we get occasional exposure to Appalachian stuff. I know it’s not nice to say but as a black man in the 21st century it isn’t exactly a region I think should be having much say about the future of America. And it isn’t.”

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