Libertarians Embark On Spoiler Campaign:

Libertarians Embark On Spoiler Campaign: Do you want to know why the Libertarian Party has never “gone mainstream” and become competitive with the Republicans or Democrats? It’s because of things like this…

“The Libertarian Party is planning to challenge several incumbents in November in a so-called national “spoiler” strategy that could put vulnerable Republicans on more shaky ground and help stir the suspense over whether the GOP can hold a House majority and wrest back the Senate from Democratic control….Libertarians see an opportunity to siphon off votes in critical districts as part of a national strategy to turn over the House and change domestic policy. All but one of the five districts targeted are Republican-run, and the incumbents are all on the hit list because of their heavy-handed support for the war on drugs and against the legalization of marijuana, a key issue for the Libertarians, whose bedrock beliefs are less government and personal freedoms.

That makes perfect sense. Go out and try to defeat Republicans with whom Libertarians have much more in common than Democrats on an issue that the majority of Republican voters are strongly opposed too. Not only is that probably an ineffective strategy, it’s also going to turn off the largest pool of potentially Libertarian voters. One of the candidates who’s being targeted, Bob Barr, had this to say about Libertarians…

“The centerpieces of the Libertarian agenda include legalizing drugs, gambling, prostitution, and pornography, as well as halting all restrictions on immigration,” he said.

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“These issues do not represent 7th District values, and I ask that all our candidates clearly and publicly distance themselves from these issues, and demand an end to involvement in our primary by the Libertarian Party.”

So what impression is the average person who knows nothing about the Libertarian Party going to get from this article? Libertarians come off looking like a bunch of hippies who want to get your daughter addicted to crack so they can have her out on the corner turning tricks in-between shooting pornos with terrorists from Saudi Arabia that they just allowed into the country with their lax immigration policies. No wonder Libertarians can’t break into the mainstream…

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