Lieberman Reprimanded for Speech?

A local affiliate of CBS is suggesting just that:

Lieberman could lose his Homeland Security Committee chairmanship. Right now the Democrats need him to hold the majority, but if they pick up seats in the fall all bets are off.

It’s most unusual for a Democrat to get the prime speaking spot at a Republican convention, but McCain’s selection of Lieberman says a lot about how he wants America to view him, not only as a Republican but as an Independent, as a maverick.

I don’t think anyone has really fleshed out just how upset this move has made some Democrats. Last night, I watched the speech with some friends and one Democrat friend is extremely dissatisfied with the Senator. My friend could hardly look at the screen. He also alluded to the trouble Lieberman is going to have if Obama wins in November, suggesting that Lieberman would probably work as a lobbyist on K Street and get out of politics himself altogether.

Exit question: Is Lieberman’s wife still a lobbyist herself?

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