Life Imitates South Park: Is Michael Jackson Being Framed Because He’s Black?

Michael Jackson’s pops, Joe Jackson, is playing the race card and claiming that his son is being persecuted because he’s black…

“THE father of US pop star Michael Jackson told a TV interviewer child molestation charges against his son are motivated by racism.

The stern patriarch of the Jackson clan – the driving force behind the careers of his several musical progeny – told the 48 Hours Mystery program that Jackson was being targeted because he is black.

“I’m going to cut to the chase on this: It’s racism. It is. (My wife) Katherine’s not going to say it, but it’s racism,” Joe Jackson said in the interview, which will be broadcast in the US tomorrow.”

Oh yeah, obviously Michael Jackson is being persecuted because he’s black. I mean who could ever be suspicious of a weirdo with an amusement park in his backyard, who time and time again spends days alone with young boys without their parents’ supervision, takes these boys into his bed with him, and has had several children (that we know of) allege that he molested him.

Hey, here’s a newsflash, Joe, maybe the police are constantly investigating your kid for child molestation charges because everything about him just screams, “PEDOPHILE, PEDOPHILE, PEDOPHILE!”

But — who can say, maybe the police are framing Jackson because he’s black…but, how does that work exactly? It’s funny that I should ask that question ;D because South Park did an episode on this very topic =D. Let’s see how the folks at South Park imagined that this happens as “Mr. Jefferson” (Michael Jackson in disguise) moves to South Park, Colorado….

Officer: Hey Sergeant, take a look at this.

Sergeant: [disregards the sheet] Whatcha got?

Officer: Looks like a new family has just moved into South Park. One Mr. Jefferson, age 50, bought a house there and paid cash. He seems to have a lot of money.

Sergeant: So, what’s the problem?

Officer: Take a look. Says here… [the sergeant takes the sheet and reviews it] He’s black.

Sergeant: By God, so he is. Black and rich. Time to take this Mr. Jefferson down, just like we did Kobe. [hands the sheet and the cup of coffee to the officer and address the department] Let’s go people! [turns, takes his coat from the coat rack and puts it on] We’ve got another rich black guy. I want him humiliated and dragged through the dirt, and I want it done by the books! [the officers respond]

Then comes the frame up! Someone check with Joe to see if this how he thinks it happens!

Sergeant: [using his walkie-talkie] Murphy, you inside?

Murphy: [walking through the arcade room] We’re inside, sir. Harris was right. This guy looks like he has more money than all of us put together. Black sonofab*tch! [whips out a package of something white] I’m planting the cocaine now. [sets it under the toy machine Cartman was using earlier]

Sergeant: Johnson, what about you?

Johnson: [in a closet] Placing the blood spatter now, sir. [right on a pair of Jefferson’s shoes]

Sergeant: Frakes?

Frakes: Placing pubic hair from the raped girl now, sir.

Sergeant: All right, when this Jefferson guy shows up, arrest him fast and try not to beat him. There could be neighbors with video cameras. [sighs] Why do we do it, Harris?

Harris: [the partner] Sir?

Sergeant: Why is it that us policement around the country have such a passion for framing wealthy African-Americans with crimes they didn’t commit?

Harris: Oh why? I guess I never thought about why, sir. We just do it.

Sergeant: Twenty-five years I’ve been on the force. I’ve seen every kind of sick, depraved act known to humanity and still, when I see a black man walk by who has more money than me, I… want to vomit my gizzards right in the gutter. But why? Maybe there is no reason. Maybe there’s just a big blue ball out there that’s mostly covered with water and we’re just goin’ along for the ride.

Next up: the arrest! Is this how it happened the last time they picked up Michael?

Sergeant: Hey Harris Harris Harris! Harris!

Harris: [walks] What what what?

Sergeant: It’s Jefferson! He’s back! [gets on his communicator] All right, people. Let’s give Blacky a nice welcome home. [he and Harris whip out firearms and aim. Mr. Jefferson opens the front door and goes back to the front lawn to retrieve his moustache] Whoa, wait a minute! [withdraws his gun] That guy isn’t black! [Blanket heads down the steps, and Mr. Jefferson takes him insdie] Holy God, his son isn’t black either! Oh Jesus! [gets on his communicator] This is Yeats! Stand down! I repeat, stand down! Suspect is not black! [scolds Harris] You son of a b*tch, you told my this guy was African-American!

Harris: It says right here on the final sheet he is!

Yeats: [shoves Harris’s face against the windshield] Does that look like a black guy to you?!

Harris: It said on the final sheet!

Yeats: [throws a fit] ……Monkeyballs! We could have made an innocent man go to jail who wasn’t black! Oh! [grabs his own neck, then quickly opens his door and vomits onto the street] Wuuugh! Wuugh! Ohaugh. Ugh. [wipes his lips clean with the back of his hand and now looks exhausted] Jesus,

Harris: What are we becoming? We’re supposed to… protect the people. Where have we lost our way?

Harris: Sir, it’s possible that he is black, even though he doesn’t look it.

Yeats: [whips around and says menacingly] To hell with you!! I’m never gonna frame an innocent man again! Unless I KNOW he’s black for sure!!

Is it just clever satire or what really goes on behind the scenes? Can we really know for sure? Well…yes we can — if we’re not idiots…

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