Liveblogging Hillary’s Speech

Hey folks, because I love you so much and because I’m masochistic, I’m going to liveblog Hillary’s DNC speech. Be here or be square. A pre-speech taste:

Dick Morris: “Hillary isn’t trying to outdo Obama. She’s trying to outdo Biden.”

Well, that shouldn’t be too much trouble. Ed Rendell says that Obama is the new Adlai Stevenson. Buwahaha! Uh oh!

8:27 pm So Obama is all set up for his second coming tomorrow.

Ann Althouse is NOT happy about the “female day”. I agree. It’s demeaning. Imagine. The Democrats putting the little women in their places.

Sebalious Andrea Ledbetter is boring. Oy vey. “We can’t afford more….[lag, lag, teleprompter lag]….Barack Obama is on our side. He will defend people like me. It’s a fairness issue.” Oh, bleh. Boring.

8:37 Mark Warner “Are you ready?” Um yeah, hurry up! “It won’t be won with a president who is stuck in the past.” No kidding, Mark. That’s why Barack isn’t the guy.

9:04 Michelle Obama being interviewed on NewsHour. “Hillary Clinton has been nothing but supportive.” Oh boy, these guys love Michelle Obama. Could they be any more fawning?

Note: Stephen Green is drunkblogging the DNC which, at this point, seems to be the only rational way to go. via Instapundit who wonders if Mark Warner should have been Obama’s veep. Glenn, have some mercy! I was snoring during his speech. Biden isn’t boring at least. Oh, wait, you mean, if Obama was serious about winning.

9:28 CST OK, at this point, what the hell is the DNC thinking? No one is going to stay up to watch Hillary. Was that the point?

9:32 You might be wondering what coverage I’m watching. It’s a lovefest everywhere. I’ve been switching between PBS and NBC, mostly because they’re next to each other on DirectTV. Update–PBS is doing an homage to Hillary. Love. Love. Love.

9:42 Chelsea Clinton looking fantastic I must say. Hillary chose an orange pantsuit. Pan to a bursting-with-pride Bill. As an aside: Orange is directly opposite blue (it’s the complementary color) on a color wheel, making a person pop. It’s interesting because Michelle Obama chose a seafoam color last night, but her intention was to be bland and boring and the “every woman”. Hillary chose orange as a want to look bold, but not too presidential–which red would have made her seem, I think. Standing “O” here. She’s basking in it. Bill knows the camera is on him and is teary eyed and mouthing the words “I love you”, I think. I think he’s crying because he knows he has no chance of ever being in the White House again. It’s over.

9:45 Ok, my thought is this as she says, “I’m a proud supporter of Barack Obama”. Obama made a huge mistake not having her as Veep. This whole thing would be over. “The time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose.”

Pan to Michelle Obama, who is hanging on every word and looking nervous. “You haven’t endured 8 years to suffer more failed leadership.[Big, huge, pause.] No way. No how. No McCain.”

9:50 Next thought, man, the Clintons are narcissistic. Me. Me. Me. Doesn’t matter what the topic–cancer-ridden mom of autistic kids, soldier, kid with minimum wage mom, etc. It’s really about her. Ugh.

9:54 Typical socialist tripe: Health care, education, deep and meaningful equality, unionization, providing help for “caring for our families”, make the government an instrument of public good, give the vets services they’ve earned. Oh yeah, and they’ll do it fiscally responsibly. How’s that? “I ran to stand up to those who have been invisible to their government for 8 full years.”

9:57 “Are you in it for me?” “Government must be about ‘we the people’ and not ‘we the favored few'”. “Democrats know how to do this. We did it before with the other President Clinton.” Place goes wild and Bill looks pleased as punch.

Universal health care, end Iraq “responsibly” and repair our relationships (or whatever). Now, Hillary talks about Michelle Obama. Michelle doesn’t look like she believes it. Hillary talks about Biden being a great partner to Obama.

“John McCain is my friend. But we don’t need four more years of the last eight years…… More war and less diplomacy.”

10:04 Best line so far: “It doesn’t seem strange that John McCain and George Bush will be campaigning together in the Twin Cities, because these days, it’s hard to tell them apart.” Roars of approval.

“Keep going. We have found the faith to keep going.” Getting lots of approval here. But she seems like she’s just hitting each word with a hammer. No change in her tone. Everything the same. Obama’s speaking cadence is condescending but Hillary’s is like listening to a jackhammer. Good grief, my nerves are grated on. I need some booze!

Soaking in the love and adoration. Michelle Obama not sitting face forward, interestingly, turned around and talking to the Bidens. And the end of the speech on not giving up seemed directed at her supporters.

Did it seem like a ringing endorsement to you? It didn’t to me. It seemed like she was doing her duty and nothing more.

10:19 Charles Krauthammer shares that this was a speech given for the future. He says you can imagine her as running against McCain. Charles says that Bill Clinton is the reason why Hillary isn’t on the ticket. Newsflash Charles: The only reason Hillary was ever in the running is because Bill was president.

Okay, going, going, gone. Depending upon how much pain I want to put myself through, I might live blog Bill tomorrow. Ha!

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