Lock & Load: Apparently GWB’s

Lock & Load: Apparently GWB’s “furious” reaction to the murder of 5 Americans by Hamas terrorists wasn’t just all talk because the FBI are now going to get involved…

“A senior Bush administration official said the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had opened a probe into Wednesday’s bombing in a cafeteria at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University that killed the five Americans and two Israelis.

“We are cooperating with Israeli law enforcement authorities in pursuing the investigation,” the official said, adding that the FBI would look into “everything concerning the deaths” of the Americans”

There’s also this little tidbit that I found buried in a Ha’aretz story that came out today in Israel…

“Sources at the White House have signalled that the American administration believes the time has come to remove Yasser Arafat from the Palestinian territories, Army Radio reported Saturday.

According to the radio, the Bush administration believes that the Palestinian leader is “more part of the problem than the solution” and that expelling him would facilitate the president’s vision for peace, the first part of which is the reform of the Palestinian Authority.”

Meanwhile, here’s a little message the psychopaths in Hamas gave to the Israelis in a leaflet taking credit for one of their latest genocide-bombings…

“(I)f you want to be safe and secure, leave Israel and go to the country where you came from. Otherwise, everywhere in Israel, schools, universities, markets and houses will be a target for us.”

Notice that it doesn’t say “give us a state”, it basically says “abandon Israel of die.” There is no negotiation, no peace process, and no Palestinian state that’s going fix this problem. It’ll end when the Israelis or Hamas and their supporters are wiped out. There’s an ocean of blood that’s going to be spilled in the ‘War on Terrorism’ before it’s all over. In Israel, the occupied territories, Iraq, Iran, and maybe Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea, and the US as well. We have no more hope of avoiding this fight than the Allies did in avoiding a fight with the Nazis in the thirties. But I fear it’s going to take more catastrophic tragedies to make us get as serious about this war as we need to be and that’s a shame. As one of my favorite Machiavelli quotes goes…

“One should never allow chaos to develop in order to avoid going to war, because one does not avoid a war but instead puts it off to his disadvantage.”

Bush seems to be moving in the right direction but let’s hope it doesn’t end up being too little too late.

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