Look To Italy To See The Danger Of An International Criminal Court

We have an American soldier being tried in absentia in Italy for an event we don’t consider to be a crime in the United States,

“A U.S. soldier went on trial in absentia in Italy on Tuesday accused of killing an Italian intelligence agent in Iraq, but his lawyer said his client would reject the court’s jurisdiction.

After preliminary motions, it was adjourned until May 14.

Mario Lozano, from the U.S. Army National Guard in New York, denies wrongdoing in firing at Nicola Calipari’s car when the agent was escorting a newly freed hostage to Baghdad airport in 2005. He says the driver ignored warnings to slow down or stop.

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…The U.S. and Italian governments said the shooting was an accident, but an Italian judge charged Lozano with murder and two counts of attempted murder of those in the car.

…”The Americans have a different point of view. They consider the case closed and that there is no one to blame,” said Foreign Minister Massimo D’Alema.

For the freed hostage, reporter Giuliana Sgrena, the trial showed U.S. troops could be held accountable for their actions. She was wounded in the shooting and is suing for damages.”

Imagine how this might be playing out if we were to sign on to the international criminal court, which is something that a lot of liberals support. We could have an American soldier sitting in front of a foreign judge, on trial for an event that Americans don’t consider to be a crime.

And if we had signed on to the ICC, we could be obligated to hand over Mario Lozano for trial and would have to stand by helplessly as foreigners decided whether or not a man our justice system has deemed innocent should be sent to jail for a long prison term.

Now libs will tell you that couldn’t happen, that there are protections in place to prevent it, but we all know that’s not how it would work out in the real world where anti-American liberals would find some way to twist things around so they could go after Americans. When liberals are at work, they always find some way to attack America.

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