Louis Farrakhan, Theocracy, & His Democratic Supporters

One of the things I think the Democrats have gotten away with for too long is their association with that demented, anti-semitic, nutball Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. Despite the fact the NOI is a wacko, racialist cult that believes (I kid you not) that white people were genetically engineered by an evil scientist named Yacub in order to harm black people and that there’s a spaceship orbiting the planet that’s going to bomb all the “white devils” into oblivion one day, Democratic heavies apparently aren’t embarrassed to be seen with Farrakhan.

For example, if you look at the NOI homepage you’ll find something called Minister Farrakhan & Rev. Jackson hold an historic conversation. Of course, if Jesse “hymietown” Jackson or even kookie congresswoman Cynthia McKinney whose dad blamed Jews for costing her a seat in 2002 were the only Democrats meeting with Farrakhan, you wouldn’t be surprised. But, Farrakhan was actually invited by John Conyers to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus back in 2002.

How ironic is it that a loon like Farrakhan can get meetings with Democratic congressmen when he himself doesn’t believe in….oh, you hadn’t heard, is promoting theocracy over Democracy? Well, take a look at excerpts from this speech Farrakhan made last month…

What is going on in the world is a battle between “theocracy” and “democracy.” “Theo” and “cratis” are Greek words. “Cratis” in Greek means “rule.” In Latin, it’s “craci.” In English, you change the “i” to a “y”—“cracy” (rule). “Theo” in Greek means “god.” The Greek word is “demos”—demos cratis. In Latin, it’s demon craci. In English, you drop the “n,” put a “y” on the end, and you have democracy. “Democracy” is “the rule of the people,” but what kind of people? It’s the very opposite of theocracy. It’s the rule of a devil.

Are you fighting for democracy? You have lived under it. It’s the rule of that which opposes the way of God, where the rich get money and power at the expense of the ignorance of the masses. Democracy presupposes an enlightened electorate that knows its self-interest, then has the right to choose what is in their best interest. How enlightened are you to what is in your self-interest? Right now, you have a large percentage of students graduating from high school as functional illiterates. Some of you who are in Rutgers University, Seton Hall and Princeton, if I asked you to write me something—not go to a computer—you would not know how to compose a letter, because you do not know how to spell and do not know the language sufficiently to set your ideas in written form. How then did you graduate? You were programmed for failure. There is a dumbing down of the masses of the American people, so that your thinking is between your legs and not between your ears.

…The enemy is plotting, through democracy, to make the whole world submit to so-called democratic values, so that the demons of the West can rule all the darker peoples of the world under “demo cracy.”

…That’s why when you see Muslims in Iraq fire a rocket and it destroys an American tank, they cry out, “Allah-u-Akbar! God is great!” Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld already told the Shiites in Iraq, “We’re not going to permit you to have an Islamic government.” What is an Islamic government? It is a government where God’s laws govern the people. When you pray for the Kingdom to come, you are praying to live under God’s rule because you believe that under His rule, freedom, justice and equity will become a reality.”

The next time Louis Farrakhan is buddying up with some prominent Democrat like John Conyers or Sheila Jackson Lee, I’d love to see someone in the press ask them,

“Mr. Farrakhan says Democracy is the “rule of a devil” and advocates theocracy as a form of government. Do you agree?”

I know, don’t hold your breath waiting. I’m sure the press will be too busy working on stories like “More details on the story we think all of America is still fascinated with after six years: George Bush — was he or was he not AWOL from the National Guard in 1973?”

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