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Mainstream Media Mention: I was the token Conservative quoted in a Dallas Morning News story by Hector Cantu along with Ted Rall, Colin Quinn, Aaron McGruder, & others yesterday about wartime humor. I’d suggest checking it out, but be forewarned, their registration process is a bear. Here’s the money quote from the article…

“John Hawkins, who runs, says humor – whether from cartoonists or radio talk show hosts – can be a powerful political tool.

“The power comes from the fact that it entertains people who otherwise would tune out,” says Mr. Hawkins, who includes conservative viewpoint humor on his site. “Politics is boring and tedious, but with humor it can be funny and entertaining.”

I think I actually said, “politics CAN BE boring and tedious,” but that’s not really worth quibbling over. Ironically, I also trashed Ted Rall while I was talking to the reporter which could have been amusing if the reporter had used that material in the article. I mean just look at this quote from Rall in the article…

“It should be OK to make fun of the Holocaust,” he says. “I personally don’t know how to do it, but nothing should be off limits.”

How cool would it have been for Hector Cantu to have followed that up with something like,

“However, that’s not how Conservative author John Hawkins views it, “Rall made fun of the 9/11 widows and he called our soldiers “contract killers”. I find him to be a despicable human being.”

Now that would have made for a better article, but better yet, it would have been true since Ted Rall is despicable human being. Anyway, thanks to Hector Cantu and the Dallas Morning News. RWN appreciates the mention.

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