Maniacs’ Rights Movement Is Born

Apparently hospitals will now be required to let deranged patients go berserk until they tire themselves out. Maintaining order for the safety of the other patients would be a violation of maniacs’ rights. From Minnesota:

When the emergency room staff at Northfield City Hospital thought an obviously disturbed patient was about to turn violent, they did what many hospitals do in that situation: They called the police.

In this instance, officers used a Taser to shock the man. The patient dropped to the floor, was injected with medications and transferred to the psychiatric unit at another hospital, according to an official report about the February incident.

Now federal and state health officials have cited the Northfield hospital for violating the patient’s rights.

Once again we see that anyone who takes money from the government, is at the mercy of the government:

The Minnesota Department of Health, which investigated the incident, cited the hospital for failing to protect the patient’s safety. Under federal law, the hospital could lose Medicare funding if the problem isn’t corrected.

Staff had of course tried to calm the maniac down using “verbal deescalation,” but when he became more and more agitated, they made the mistake of placing the safety of all the normal people in the hospital above the minority privilege that entitles psychos to behave as they please.

Maniacs’ rights could be the next big movement, no doubt culminating in a presidential candidate who has no other qualifications other than being a maniac.

A maniac. Presidential timber?

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