Mark’s List of Things More Important Than Global Warming — By Mark Noonan

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It is put out by the global warming zealots that it is the problem we must deal with – it is more important than any other issue. Why this should be is rather a puzzle – it isn’t like there is an optimum global mean temperature, after all. Even supposing the worst is true of global warming, it would still just be a cilmate shift which would do this and that thing we’d all have to adapt to…but, there it is, the zealots, led by their Goracle, are saying there is nothing more important. Well, pardon me, but there are other things more important – and my list of them goes thusly:

1. Winning the War on Terrorism.
2. Anti-religious persecution.
3. Abortion/infanticide/euthanasia.
4. Spread of disease.
5. Slavery, especially the global traffic in sex slavery which almost invariably involves children.
6. Third world poverty.
7. Popular culture degradation of public morality.
8. Family breakup.
9. Nuclear proliferation in tyrannical States.
10. The rise of Chinese imperialism.

I suppose if I kept going for a while I might eventually come across global warming as an issue – but I can’t get worked up over it being a little hotter than it is today; especially as there is zero actual evidence that even a crash program to reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gasses would have more than a trivial effect on any theorised increase in global mean temperatures over the next 100 years. We’ve got bigger fish to fry than Al Gore’s particular monomania.

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