McCain talks to Ellen about gay marriage

This video is great in that it shows that two people who disagree do not have to be hateful to each other or make personal attacks to prove their point. Washington could take some tips from Ellen.

John McCain appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, where she asked him about gay marriage. Kudos to John for standing his ground, when it must’ve been tough not to sway a little in a situation like that:

I thought it was great that they could talk about a subject which they disagree on, which one of them obviously has passionate feelings about, and be so mature and adult about it. Sad that we have to get so excited about something like that, but when you’re talking about politicians and celebrities, maturity is a big deal.

As for me personally, I don’t really know how I feel about gay marriage. I honestly don’t. One of the big reasons is that it just isn’t high on my list of important-things-the-government-needs-to-worry-about. If people were to vote to make gay marriage legal, I don’t know that I’d care all that much. But therein lies the difference. People haven’t been voting to make gay marriage legal. Supreme Court justices have been exploiting and abusing their power to make laws, which is a flagrant abuse of their position. That’s what bothers me, first and foremost. The Supreme Court does not make laws; they’re supposed to enforce them. If gay marriage had passed through legislation or a vote, that would be different. But forced onto us by nine people who think they know best? That’s dangerous.

In any case, I found the video interesting, and I was happy to see that McCain stood his ground, and that Ellen was able to respect his difference of opinion without attacking him. That’s not what most liberals would do. While I can’t say that I’m necessarily for or against gay marriage, I can join with John McCain, though, in wishing Ellen and Portia every happiness in life.

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