McCain’s Big Decision

As we all know, John McCain has an enormous decision to make, one that has been much talked about and one that will probably mean the difference between success and failure for his campaign. That’s right; John McCain has got to decide what his campaign theme song is going to be.

There has been some talk that McCain was considering the hideous Take a Chance on Me by Swedish super group ABBA. Obviously, that would have been a big mistake.

So, what song does he go with? How about,

Courtesy of the Red White and Blue by Toby Keith? Too edgy? Come on, this is John McCain here. This guy should be running the Stone Cold Steve Austin theme or how about Touch of Gray from the Grateful Dead? Get Over It By OkGo? I am a Real American by Rick Derringer? American Bad*ss by Kid Rock?

I know, I know — politicians always play it incredibly safe with their theme songs. So, off the top of my head….

I Won’t Back Down — Tom Petty
Eye of the Tiger — Survivor
Simple Man — Lynyrd Skynyrd
Proud to be an American — Lee Greenwood
Common Man — John Conlee

Bonus: Barack Obama theme songs

Over my Head — The Fray
Cocaine — Eric Clapton
Evenbetterthantherealthing — U2
Trip Like I Do — Crystal Method
Sweet Emotions — Aerosmith

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