McCain’s Cross Story From The Saddleback Forum

There hasn’t been a lot of footage from the Saddleback forum out there, partially because McCain beat Obama’s brains in, which the media isn’t going to want to cover and partially because a lot of the best parts didn’t break easily down into soundbites.

However, there is one moment from the event that I wanted to focus on in particular: that was the moving story John McCain told about having his bonds loosened by a Vietnamese captor who later drew a cross with his shoe in the dirt.

The netroots, with absolutely no evidence to back it up, has been accusing McCain of making this story up – which is cheap, even for them. Seriously, they’re accusing a POW of lying about his experiences in captivity to make himself look good based on nothing more than the fact that Alexander Solzhenitsyn once told a story that was somewhat similar.

Of course, unsurprisingly, Byron York has confirmed that McCain’s story was true by talking to a POW who says McCain told him the same story in 1970, while they were both still imprisoned.

PS: So, what do you think: is McCain a guy who is going to have trouble with a crisis call at 3 AM? Can you say the same thing about Barack Obama?

PS #2: If Obama is really such a phenomenally gifted speaker, like the media and Left say he is, how can it be that the Left has started coming up with conspiracy theories and ridiculous claims that McCain made up experiences that happened to him when he was a POW to try to explain how badly McCain beat Obama so badly at Saddleback?

PS #3: So, do you think Obama is looking forward to the debates?

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