McCain’s Mistake: The MSM Won’t Cover A Positive Message From Him

Since McCain selected Palin and went into the convention, he hasn’t released as many ads and he hasn’t been continuing to fiercely attack Obama’s unreadiness to be President. That’s a big mistake and it is blunting his momentum.

Let me tell you why: the media simply will not cover a positive message from McCain. So, he can talk about his economic plan all day long, but nobody is going to know about it because the MSM doesn’t care. To the contrary, they are interested in only two things concerning McCain: anything they believe will hurt him and attacks on Obama.

So, when he quit releasing those brutally effective attacks on Obama, for the most part, he dropped off the radar for a lot of Americans. The Sarah bump was a huge positive for him, but he has ridden that as far as it will take him and it’s time to start really knocking Obama’s block off again.

In the end, I believe this election can and will be decided on one simple issue: Is Barack Obama ready to handle the presidency? McCain was hitting Obama very effectively on that issue before and needs to get back to it.

PS: Palin doesn’t take this issue away from McCain. Not only is she more qualified than Obama, she’s just the veep, while he wants to be President. Anyone who’s concerned about Sarah Palin being “just a heartbeat away” from the Presidency should be far more concerned about Barack Obama, a gaffe-prone ninny with poor judgment and almost no experience taking over the most important job on the planet starting in January.

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