Meet Your Democratic Pledge Buddy!

The Democratic Party is running an online, matching pledge drive. Basically, you put in an amount you’d like to give and then once someone else agrees to match it, you both give at the same time. Granted, it’s kind of a Mickey Mouse idea. I mean you’ll only give $25 if someone else writes into the same website and says that they will also give $25? Ok, but whatever.

Well, someone over at the Democratic Underground tried this and was surprised at who their pledge buddy turned out to be =D:

Nickster: Ok, I’m just a bit ticked off right about now. WTF??

So I got the DNC grassroots email about having your donation matched by another grassroots donor which I’m sure everyone got. Well, today is my payday so I had a few bucks to donate…….

I went to the website through the email link and felt pretty good about having my little donation doubled by someone else and got this and I’m not sure if it’s one of our guys trying to be funny or if it’s some damn dirty freeper screwing up the system.

I submit my donation and then get the confirmation screen where you get to see who matched your donation and get a chance to send them an email if you want. This is what I get after my donation.

Get this:

Thank you for your contribution. Each year, tens of thousands of people from across the country make the decision to support the Party and Democratic candidates. Today you stood up and added not only to the Party’s available resources, but to the larger sense of community and civic responsibility that we as Democrats stand for.

As part of that community, a Democratic donor agreed to match your contribution today. Their information appears below, and you have the opportunity to send a message to the person who is matching you. If you like, you can exchange information and build a longer-lasting relationship — or, you can move on without sending a message at all.

Again, thank you for your support.

Your contribution has been matched by: Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan

A message to you from the person who matched your contribution: With Democrats in charge of the Congress, America will run like dogs from Iraq. What a glorious day for jihad that will be! Defeat the infidels. Vote Democratic in ’06!

What a bunch of friggin animals!

Do they get DSL in caves or straw huts in the Pakistani tribal area? If so, who knows, maybe it could be the real deal. Ha ha!

PS: Just in case you were wondering, I don’t endorse putting fake names into the Democratic Party’s online tools.

Hat tip to IMAO for the story.

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