Meet Your New Mayor…H’Angus the

Meet Your New Mayor…H’Angus the Monkey: According to the story

“Campaigning in a full body monkey suit — based on the local soccer club’s mascot — independent Stuart Drummond beat the ruling Labour Party candidate into second place to become the town’s first elected mayor.

He campaigned under the name H’Angus the Monkey.”

I know my first thought was “Those crazy Brits voted for a guy in a monkey suit? Hahahahahah.” But maybe they’re not so crazy. I mean if my choice was between Tom Daschle and H’Angus the Monkey, it would be H’Angus all the way. Ted Kennedy vs. H’Angus the Monkey? Go monkey! What if it were Robert Byrd vs. H’Angus the Monkey? Better the guy in the monkey suit than the guy who used to wear white robes in the KKK.

Maybe I should try to interview H’Angus if he’s not too busy “monkeying around”…get it? Monkeying around? Har, har, har, har…. =)

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