Meeting Bob Novak

So, poor Bob Novak walks down to the reception and of course, at an event like this, he can get 2 seconds of peace and as he’s trying to get away, I grab him, remind him that I
interviewed him once, and ask for a pic.

He looks slightly pained, but generously agrees to take the picture. Then, immediately after the camera flashed, I said, “How about taking a pic with my friend Emily, too.”

However, Novak was so anxious to get out of there he was already like 30 ft. away and moving at an accelerating rate of speed. I can’t blame him really. Getting the rock star treatment and having people grabbing your elbow constantly for pics and talk when you just want to say “hi,” get the lay of the land, and get back up to your room must be tough.

Still, it was hilarious to see him fleeing from Emily like she was made of plutonium =D

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