Mel-icious Cribbing?

Unfortunately, because I was under the weather yesterday, my schedule was thrown out of whack and the selection of quotes I planned to put together on, “Democrats and Race,” isn’t ready yet.

However, while I was doing some research for the article, I ran across a column by Bob Parks, at Intellectual Conservative, called “Mel-icious Intent.” The column, which was from August 7, 2006, featured 24 quotes by Democrats and liberals on race, some of which were very obscure, and all of which were included in an article on RWN called, “Quotes From Democrats On Race & Anti-Semitism.”

You know, if you’re going to crib the guts of your entire column from research somebody else has done, the least you can do is hand out a little credit. You know, maybe something like, “The quotations my entire column was built around were lifted wholesale from a list created by John Hawkins at Right Wing News.”

On something like that, a little mention goes a long way…

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