Meltdown In Kosbat Fairy Land

As Charles at Little Green Footballs puts it Markos “Screw Them” Moulitsas is really embarrassing himself now, with one of the most ridiculous posts he’s ever put up–and that’s saying something.

What is the post? Some ridiculous wackiness about Harold Ford being darkened by the Tennessee GOP for a mailer. In response, the meltdown occurs

kos jumps shark tin foil

Markos finally wears a tin-foil hat (by Inky99)

Well it’s a pretty sad day on Dailykos today, because Kos himself has finally “jumped the shark” with this diary, where he dons a tin-foil hat of his own design, and makes an absolute fool of himself, and this site.

While he himself has an extremely strict rule about unsubstantiated speculation, “tinfoilhattery” as it were, he suddenly jumps into a field about which he apparently is completely and totally ignorant and makes wild, speculative claims which, to those of us who actually work in those fields, are utterly baseless.

Remember, this is the owner of the site getting ripped on his own site by someone whom he allows to have a diary, and is one of the head moonbats in all of Moonbat Land. It gets better and better, with comments such as

  • Kos jumped the shark when he wrote this diary
  • embarrassing, embarrassing. No wonder we’re going down the tubes.
  • I thought the rules states we can not “call out” fellow diarists. (Kos ain’t a diarist: he’s the site owner)
  • This is about the site itself as much as it is about Kos himself.
  • The rules say a lot of things But no one seems to be enforcing them.
  • Let him keep looking ridiculous.If he doesn’t realize he is way over his head analyzing this issue and is pushig a story that has been debunked then let him just continue to lose credibility.But he has a pattern of looking to muck up the Clinton’s with poor arguments whenever Obama has a bad day (or few days in this case).It’s as predictable as snow in winter.
  • kos has drunk the kool aid…

I think you have the point. And Inky99 is asking Kos to self delete the original post. Good things fun stuff like caching is available!

Originally posted at Pirate’s Cove.

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