Memorial Day Week-End Vacation — RWN Returns On Wed The 2nd

Once again, it’s vacation time at RWN. I’ll be out of town, kicking back and relaxing, for the next few days. Of course, that means there will be no updates until Wed of next week. But when I get back, I’m going to release an article that will turn the blogging world on its ear…well, if it had an ear…or even a head. Have you ever wondered what percentage of well known conservative opinion makers actually read blogs? Wouldn’t you also want to know which blogs they read? Well, let’s just say that on Wednesday, there’s a new RWN poll coming out and you will recognize a lot of the names on it.

While I’m gone, may I suggest that you check out my advertisers listed below **** Please **** and the blogs that I’ll be putting up in the daily news section later tonight. Have a fantastic week-end!

Right Wing Nut
Right Wing Stuff
Vitamin USA

Larry Diedrich For Congress
Thank You Tony Blair

Light Cavalry

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