Michael Moore: Guns Are OK For Me, But Not For Thee

It looks like Spike Lee was right. Mr. Michael “Bowling for Columbine” Moore’s bodyguards do carry guns,

“Filmmaker Michael Moore’s bodyguard was arrested for carrying an unlicensed weapon in New York’s JFK airport Wednesday night.”

Here’s what I said about this back in August when it was just speculation based on something Spike Lee said and it still stands…

“Well, well, well, could a man who believes that you don’t have the “right to bear arms” actually have a gun packing bodyguard protecting him? I guess as far as Moore is concerned, there’s one standard for all of us peons and another standard for VILs (very important liberals) like himself.

Sure, Moore may think that “ordinary people” — like YOU — can’t be trusted to have a gun to defend your families. It’s just too risky. Oh, but if Michael Moore might be in danger, well that’s a different matter all together; he’s special, you see, the rules that he wants to apply to the “little people” shouldn’t apply to him.”

What a hypocrite….

*** Update #1 ***: Whenever I mention that Michael Moore is a foe of the 2nd Amendment, I always have people insisting that’s not true. However, as you can see from this transcript of Moore on Donahue’s Show, he is a gun grabber although he denies that he wants to do away with weapons used for hunting (which I don’t believe since you can kill a person just as easily with a deer rifle as with a pistol)….

DONAHUE: You’re a member of the NRA and you went to Kmart and you actually moved them to stop selling the ammunition, as we see on your film.


DONAHUE: And that holds today?

MOORE: Yes, for handguns and for assault weapons. Hunting stuff, I don’t care. They’re still selling that. There’s nothing against hunters here. I’m all for hunting.

DONAHUE: You’re talking about long guns.

MOORE: Yes, I’m talking about stopping the selling of ammunition for weapons that are specifically designed to kill human beings.

DONAHUE: And you see that as pistols, handguns.

MOORE: Handguns or weapons where you can fire multiple rounds at a time. You don’t need to essentially spray the woods to get your deer. If you do, you should be, you know, doing needle point or some other sport.

DONAHUE: OK, so let’s understand. You’d like a ban on the sale of handguns.

MOORE: Yes. I believe that we don’t need handguns.

DONAHUE: And a ban on the sale of brrr! That kind of gun.

MOORE: Anything that fires multiple rounds like that, absolutely.”

*** Update #2 ***: The firm that employs Patrick Burk, the bodyguard mentioned in this story has written to MooreWatch to say the story, as it has been reported in the news, is incorrect…

“Our firm employs Patrick Burk.

…Our full-time employee, Patrick Burk, is not “Michael Moore’s bodyguard.” Accordingly, the headline in the Fox News Web site story is false and misleading.

…If you believe Patrick Burk was ever assigned to protect Michael Moore, or any number of other public figures, you might accurately report that “A bodyguard who was once assigned to protect Michael Moore…”

You could as accurately say “A bodyguard that was once assigned to protect President Clinton,” because Patrick Burk has also been assigned to protect President Clinton in the past – but you wouldn’t be accurate if you said “President Clinton’s Bodyguard.”

Patrick Burk is not Michael Moore’s bodyguard, nor was he protecting Michael Moore or in any way involved with Michael Moore on Wednesday night, when he (Burk) was checking in at JFK for a flight to Los Angeles.

…Though I realize a Michael Moore connection would be of interest to your web site, Patrick Burk is not Michael Moore’s bodyguard, and has never been employed by Michael Moore.”

Reading between the lines, it sounds like that firm protects Michael Moore and Burk is one of the people who works for the firm and has protected Moore before, although Gavin de Becker, the person who wrote to Moorewatch, seems to be being deliberately vague about it.

In any case, whether Michael Moore is hiring a bodyguard with a gun or an agency that supplies bodyguards with a gun, it’s really a fairly minor point as far as the story is concerned. In either case, Michael Moore opposes letting people like you defend their families with guns, but when he feels threatened, what does he do? He hires people with guns to protect him.

Again, it’s just pure hypocrisy…

*** Update #3 ***: Looks like I was reading between the lines correctly. From Newsmax

“The bodyguard, who works for the California-based security firm Gavin de Becker & Associates, told police he had traveled to New York with Moore earlier this month, Ciavolella said.”

Bingo! He’s an armed bodyguard, who guarded Moore earlier this month, and his firm handles Moore’s security.

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