Michael Moore’s Hezbollah Connection

I think this says everything you need to know about what Michael Moore’s new movie “Farenheit 9/11” is like…

“Meanwhile, in the United Arab Emirates, the film is being offered the kind of support it doesn’t need. According to Screen International, the UAE-based distributor Front Row Entertainment has been contacted by organisations related to the Hezbollah in Lebanon with offers of help.”

Yes, that’s right. Hezbollah, a group of genocidal, anti-American, anti-semitic terrorists with American blood on their hands are offering to help distribute Michael Moore’s film. Like I said, that tells you “everything you need to know about what Michael Moore’s new movie ‘Farenheit 9/11’ is like”.

And this piece of news, tells you everything you need to know about Michael Moore. He’s hasn’t ordered his PR people to reject their help…

“…In terms of marketing the film, Front Row is getting a boost from organisations related to Hezbollah which have rung up from Lebanon to ask if there is anything they can do to support the film. And although Chacra says he and his company feel strongly that Fahrenheit is not anti-American, but anti-Bush, “we can’t go against these organisations as they could strongly boycott the film in Lebanon and Syria.”

Hey, maybe this will gate with the hate America left? I mean lots of lefties trash America and try to undercut the war on terrorism. Among others there’s Ted Rall, Noam Chomsky, Ted Kennedy, Ramsey Clark & even John Kerry back in his post-Vietnam days before he was elected to office. But, how many lefties actually have terrorists volunteering to help them promote their films? More importantly, how many people on the left have such complete disdain for their own country that they’d accept their help? Say what you want about Michael Moore, but this gives him “I hate my own country” indie cred in spades…

Hat tip to Instapundit for finding these stories.

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