Michelle Obama: Fascism, Depression, And Utopia, Oh My!

This quote from the ObamaMessiah’s wife, whom the Obama campaign says we’re not allowed to discuss, is a real eye catcher. It starts with a little burst of fascism, lapses into sadness and despair, and ends with a messianic promise of paradise for the world is Obama is elected,

“I wish we had time to be divided. I wish we had time to be upset. To be angry. To be disappointed. I wish we did. Because if we had time for that, then things wouldn’t be so bad right now. Instead, we’re in a place where another four or eight years of the world as it is will devastate the life of some child.”

To begin with, the country is currently sharply divided and clearly will continue to be divided, no matter who wins the election. So, when Teresa Heinz Obama says we don’t have “time to be divided,” there’s an implication there: people should not be allowed to disagree with her husband. After all, if there is going to be unity and Obama isn’t going to change his core liberal beliefs to achieve it, then everyone who isn’t liberal will have to be forced to change their beliefs. If Obama gets in, expect some variation of this argument to be used when the Left begins their un-American attempt to drive their political opponents off the airwaves via the Fairness Doctrine.

Next, Michelle goes into the standard liberal spiel about how “bad” things are. Whenever a Democrat is out of office, no matter what the situation is, they, along with their accomplices in the mainstream media, try to convince people that everything is falling apart. And, the only way Humpty Dumpty can be put back together again is if liberals are allowed to use big government to fix every boo-boo on the knee of the body politic.

Then, to cap it all off, Michelle finishes with this breath taking quote,

“Instead, we’re in a place where another four or eight years of the world as it is will devastate the life of some child.”

Yes, if we put Obama into office, the life of every child, everywhere on the planet, will be free of devastation and will therefore be nothing but cookies, rainbows, and fairies riding unicorns.

This sort of over-reaching rhetoric, combined with Obama’s towering arrogance, and the vacant-eyed zombies who follow him around because they like the idea of “hope” and “change” is creepily reminiscent of cult leaders like Jim Jones. Let’s just “hope” that the rest of us don’t get stuck drinking the poison Kool-Aid if this inexperienced, ultra-liberal dope gets into the White House.

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