Michelle Obama’s Baby’s Daddy

There’s a big stink because Fox
News ran a segment about Michelle Obama and the caption included the
words “Barack Obama’s Baby Mama”. One could argue that the phrase
further dumbs down the American language and is a racial epithet
unsuitable for prime time. Or, one could argue that the hip hop culture
has come to define at least part of the culture at large and embrace
the language. Or, one could do either depending on the circumstances.

Michelle Obama used the term “baby daddy
to introduce her husband, so clearly she does not find the language
offensive. I’m guessing that increases her cred on the street, yo. Or,
maybe it’s just a fun, light hearted thing to say. Wait, I think it
might be the latter.

However, is it wrong for others to describe Ms. Obama as Barack’s “baby
Mama”? Is baby Mama like the “N” word, only appropriate in the black
man’s mouth? (Which I disagree with, by the way–to me the “N” word is
offensive no matter who uses it, but anyone who wants to use it can.) Firedog Lake
is characteristically hysterical,”2008: She’s well-educated, a lawyer,
and a black woman — unleash the hounds!” Is saying “baby Mama”
unleashing the hounds?

Now, I’ll grant you, that no one is probably going to describe McCain’s
wife Cindy as a “baby Mama”, but I doubt you’ll hear Cindy McCain
introduce her husband as her “baby’s Daddy”. She knows how silly it
would sound coming from the potential future president’s wife’s mouth. Oh

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