Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech

The speech itself felt mechanical. There were some interesting quotes including:

“I love America!” [Note: As an aside, I feel like if you have to say it, you call it into question.]

“We will build the world as it should be.”

“Hillary Clinton put 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling”–and this is a paraphrase–and changed the world for our girls. [I’m sure Hillary is happy to know she paved the way for Michelle’s daughters.]

She also said some airy, fairy stuff about stellar education from cradle to grave, but no specifics other than by “bringing us together” and finding the “common thread”. Whatever the hell that means.

At the end of the speech, there was a staged moment where Barack was piped in via satellite and talked to his girls who were absolutely precious. To me, I think that part was the “winning” moment, if there was one. The all-American family. The all-American black family. Very powerful.

If you watched Michelle Obama’s speech, what did you think?

The Michelle Obama speech
Will help Obama
Will hurt Obama
Will not make a difference
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