“Mideast Experts Say That Arafat,

“Mideast Experts Say That Arafat, 72, Really Is A Little Light In His Combat Boots”: Apparently the Weekly World News has gotten tired of writing about the delightful antics of “Bat Boy” and has decided to have some fun at the expense of terrorist thug Yasser Arafat. The WWN says Arafat is gay and they’re claiming they have a photo to prove it…

“We have identified the kissee as Arafat’s longtime lover, a lieutenant named Habib Mahfoudh,” said a CIA source who leaked the photo exclusively to Weekly World News.”

They also took this gratuitous cheap shot at old scruffy & smelly as well…

“Arafat’s homosexuality goes back decades,” says biographer Ali Nasser of Cairo, author of the upcoming book, The Private Life of Yassir Arafat.

“His real first name is Mohammed, but as a boy he earned the nickname Yassir — meaning ‘easy’ in Arabic — because he so willingly gave his body to male suitors.”

I would pay $100 to see Arafat’s face if a CNN reporter quoted that last line to Arafat and asked him if he could confirm or deny whether that story was true.

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