Mike Gallagher Rides To The Rescue

Fred Phelps and the rest of his God Hates F*gs lunatics have cancelled their plans to protest at the funeral of those Amish children killed by a deranged gunman:

“A Kansas church group that planned to demonstrate at the funerals of five Amish girls killed in an attack on their one-room schoolhouse has dropped the picket plans, a reversal that came hours after Pennsylvania’s governor offered the Amish police protection.

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church issued a statement today saying a representative will appear on a nationally syndicated radio talk show hosted by Mike Gallagher instead of picketing the funerals.

Gallagher’s website indicated the group was offered an hour of airtime tomorrow in exchange for dropping the planned demonstration.

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…In a statement on its website, the church blamed Rendell for the deaths of the Amish children because of comments he made about the Westboro group on national television several months ago.

“They’re insane,” Rendell responded when asked about the group’s statement.”

Mike Gallagher is a real hero here for keeping these monsters from ruining the funerals of those little girls. On the other hand, he has to have these pieces of human garbage on his show for an entire hour. Yeesh, poor guy…

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