Mike Huckabee! Whoooooo!!

Ric Flair, The Nature Boy, is the man who wears the Crimson Mask better than any wrestler who ever lived and has a little saying: “If you want to be the man, you have to beat the man”. The latter “the man” was usually him and that statement was usually followed with a grand smackdown the likes of which wouldn’t be seen again until the next week on WWE’s Monday Night Raw.

Now, though, it looks like Flair is making a little room for someone new to be “the man”. He’s endorsed Mike Huckabee, which adds yet another cool quirky character to Huckabee’s celebrity endorsement roster.

That roster’s getting pretty interesting, too. Flair makes a trio of genuine tough guys, along with Ted Nugent and Chuck Norris. The implication is clear. Though he may look soft and meek, Mike Huckabee is the candidate for real butt-kicking, gun-toting, illegal foreign obect into the ring-bringing manly men! That’s just fine with me. The Republican race really has been boring me silly. It could use some life in it that’s more than polling wonks going at each other with metaphorical two-by-fours.

Come to think of it, why should the two-by-fours be metaphorical? Let’s have a Polling Wonk Hardcore Match! With Special Guest Referee Ric Flair (Wooooooo!) and Guest Commentators Ted Nugent and Chuck Norris. Can’t you just see the marquee right now? And who wouldn’t pay to see John Zogby go upside the head of someone from Team Gallup with a barbed wire-wrapped plank? The Opinion Dynamics Duo ganging up on some lone Rasmussen guy and beating him down with thick copies of their methodology and yelling “Margin of Error THIS!”.

I think it’d sell. But maybe that’s just me.

Meanwhile, the comment section at the link is just chock full of the same condescending elitist sniffling at the uneducated rubes that got the Democrats’ butts handed to them not that long ago. I surely hope they keep up their snobbery. Nothing plays better to the electorate than a bunch of snotty put-downs about pick up trucks and drinking beer, as John Kerry found out repeatedly in 2004.

It’s really bad Huckabee wants to make fatty foods, smoking, and other similar pleasurable vices off-limits. If not for the mile-wide nanny state streak in him, he’d be a great candidate.

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