Misc Commentary For Aug 17, 2005

— I’ve seen a lot of whining and carping about Michelle Malkin scooping the MSM on Cindy Sheehan’s divorce. It’s not surprising that liberal blogs would bitterly complain, since they complain about everything, but some conservative blogs have even been on her case. That’s ridiculous!

Since when are the divorces of public figures NOT covered by the press?

It’s particularly newsworthy in Cindy Sheehan’s case because, by her own admission, she split from her husband over her anti-war activities. Here’s a woman who — again, by her own admission — admits that she has lost all her friends, stopped talking to much of her extended family, and has now apparently destroyed her marriage with her anti-war protesting.

Not only is Sheehan an anti-American moonbat, which is bad enough, she’s running her life though a meat grinder so she can be in the public eye.

If the people on the left actually cared about her welfare, they’d be encouraging her to go see a psychologist instead of cheering her as she inappropriately uses the death of her own son to try to make herself into a media star.

— After buying my dog pig snouts, I never thought there was any product too gross for me to feed to him — but I was wrong. I found that out today after running across pork lung in the pet section at my local grocery store. Pork lung? Blech…

— It’s worth reminding people that there are an infinite number of high value targets for terrorists in the US with little or no security around them. While we’re worried about defending nuclear plants and airports, the terrorists are probably scoping out elementary schools and night clubs.

What it comes down to is that once the terrorists are here, we almost have to get lucky to stop them. So, the key is to kill the terrorists where they live and stop them from getting into our country in the first place. We’re going after the terrorists abroad, but we’re not even coming close to keeping them from getting into this country.

We may have no fly-lists, but our borders are not secure & our immigration system is a non-functional mess. Yeah, it’s great that we check for terrorists that are entering the country via plane, but if they can just take a flight to Mexico and Canada and waltz across the border, what have we achieved?

— I’m a big lover of B-horror movies, but even I couldn’t sit through a dog called “Humanoids From the Deep”. In retrospect, I should have realized how bad it was going to be after reading the description:

“Killer amphibians, the result of experiments splicing the genes of murderers and salmon, terrorize a small seaside community.”

Mental note: never watch a horror movie featuring monsters that are part salmon again.

— You know what I’d like to see in New York in 2006? I’d like to see Rudy Giuliani run for governor because I think he would splatter Eliot Spitzer. Then George Pataki could take over for Jeanine Pirro, who has looked very unimpressive so far, in the hunt for Hillary’s seat.

Now granted, she would poll well ahead of Pataki at this point, but Pataki is a big name, he’d get money and support from the Party even though he’s a RINO, and the fact that Hillary is going to be essentially going AWOL so she can run for President gives him a great campaign theme to hammer on.

If Pataki could get within a few points of Hillary early on, she might just decide not to run rather than face a bruising, expensive election that could tie up resources and might start to give people doubts about whether she could win the Presidency. After all, 800 pound gorillas are supposed to squash their home state opponents, not win in squeakers.

This would enable the GOP to keep the NY Governorship and maybe pick up a Senate seat and, let’s face it, neither Giuliani or Pataki can be the nominee in 2008. Pataki is a non-starter and Giuliani is all name recognition and likability. Once we get close to “go time” and Giuliani’s positions on gay marriage, abortion, gun control get more scrutiny, along with his really ugly divorce, he will implode. He might be great in New York, but he’s not going to go over with the ultra-conservative base that will be voting in the primaries.

So Pataki and Giuliani should stay home in New York, where they’re big fish in small ponds…

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