Misc Commentary For August 6th, 2003

— I think Kobe Bryant is in a lot of trouble. We’ve already heard that his accuser told a bellhop what happened and was “disheveled and had red marks on her neck and face immediately following her encounter with Bryant”. Today, it emerged that Bryant’s accuser had vaginal tearing. Folks, that combo is about as damning as it gets in a rape case. If Bryant was anyone other than a rich, famous, and well liked NBA star, he’d be as good as in a cell right now.

— I don’t know if the Israelis are releasing Palestinian prisoners because they actually view it as some kind of goodwill gesture or because we’re pressuring them to do so, but it’s a really dumb idea. Just read the opening paragraph from this article on the prisoner release…

“Israel released more than 330 Palestinian security prisoners on Wednesday in what it called a good-will gesture, but Palestinians quickly scorned the move.”

If they’re scorning the move, why is Israel bothering? It’s not part of the roadmap and you know that some of the Palestinians are going to end murdering Israelis down the line. What does Sharon say to the Israeli people when one the terrorist he just released blows himself up on a bus a few months from now?

— Here are a couple of funny quotes about Howard Dean. First off, from Best Of The Web Today

“The Washington Times relates this anecdote from the Howard Dean campaign:

Dean campaign manager Kate O’Connor was, perhaps, excited.

“We’re back in Vermont for the day,” she had messaged supporters. “We’re in the office reintroducing ourselves to the people we work with!! And it sure is exciting here in the HQ!! Someone put a Coke can in the trash–and boy, was that a mistake! The Gov. noticed and reminded us that everything must be recycled!”

Does anyone really wish this trash nanny were the most powerful man in the world.”

The “trash nanny” — hehehe. Then in our comments section, Aaron looks at Dean’s 3rd and 4th place standing in most states and says….

“If these polls are true (taking a leap of faith here), Dean has gone from complete and total obscurity to ‘Hey, doesn’t he kinda look like Mr. Potatohead?’

Gee, if I were Bush I’d quit now.”

— Iran is saying that they refuse to give up their nuclear program & there’s a claim that North Korea is threatening to develop nukes with Iran. We’d be better off going to war than standing by while Iran gets the bomb or North Korea starts selling nuclear technology to terrorist supporting states. So a lot of those disingenuous Democrats who were saying, “we should be doing something about North Korea or Iran instead of Iraq” may get a chance to put their money where their mouth is in the next few months.

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