Misc Commentary For Dec 9, 2003

This makes such perfect sense that you know it’ll outrage the anti-war left…

“Citing national security reasons, U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz has ruled that prime contracts to rebuild Iraq will exclude firms from nations such as France and Germany that opposed the U.S. war.

In a policy document released on Tuesday, Wolfowitz said he was limiting competition for 26 reconstruction contracts worth up to $18.6 billion that will be advertised in coming days.”

Why shouldn’t countries that supported us all the way be the ones to get prime contracts? Why should we reward firms from a country like France, Germany, or Belgium that didn’t support us then & don’t support us now? Our REAL allies, not our fair weather friends, should be the ones to benefit in a situation like this if anyone does. Besides, how can we really trust a French or German company to fill an important &/or sensitive contract in Iraq when we can’t trust their government?

— This is just hilarious

“Spokesman Richard Boucher Confirmed That Colin Powell Had Indeed Appointed Brown To Be The First Us ‘Secretary Of Soul And Foreign Minister Of Funk’ But Said The Job Description For The Post Had Not Yet Been Drawn Up.”

Is this same sort of lame, John Kerryish, attempt to look cool? Maybe they can make Britney Spears the “Sexretary of Babeliciousness” and Jennifer Lopez the “Ambassador of Bootystan” while they’re at it.

— If you want to truly understand the futility of having Congress try to legislate spam away, you need look no further than the maps section at Postini (which is a spam and virus blocking service for ISPS). As you can see, over 50% of the spam their service is blocking is from outside the US. So even if Congress were to completely ban spamming from inside the US, you’d STILL get a lot of spam from outside the US and eventually the spammers would just set up shop offshore and get back to work. That’s why technology, not legislation, is going to be the key to beating spammers.

— There are a lot of leftists who will try to convince you that conservatives are heartless, but when Chief Wiggles asked his readers to help out 4 teen-age Iraqis whose lives are in danger because they helped Americans, here were the first 3 responses he got…

“A visitor made this comment,
Christ on a Crutch. I can’t take ’em in as I’m an expat far from home, but I’ll pledge $1000 to help get ’em out. Tell me how, Chief, you got my email
Mcgyver [[email protected]]

comment added :: 9th December 2003, 15:41 GMT-07
A visitor made this comment,
I connected to you through Misha at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. My contribution can only be financial too. I’m good for $5,000 if you need it. Contact me through my e-mail and tell me where and how to send it. Keep up the good work.

spc67 [[email protected]]

comment added :: 9th December 2003, 15:55 GMT-07
A visitor made this comment,
And if somebody provides the money to get them out, and to pay a good immigration attorney so they don’t have to go back, they can stay with us. Sleepy little burg, green countryside. 2 kids of my own. It’d be a squeeze, but what the hey. Maybe I can get a loan to add a couple bedrooms.
NOBODY should have to live with that kind of terror – esp. not kids.

flick [[email protected]]”

What a bunch of greedy, thoughtless, scrooges huh? But the Chief still needs help getting those kids to America. If you are or know of a good immigration lawyer, head on over and give those brave girls a hand.

— I caught part of the Democratic debates tonight and I couldn’t help but notice how weak and stale some of the attacks the Dems were making on Bush were. They were claiming that Iraq was a war for oil, we were in Iraq mainly to help companies like Haliburton, Bush didn’t do enough to get the UN on our side, and that getting complete cooperation from other countries would be the easiest thing in the world to do if they were President, etc, etc.

As I listened to all this, I thought back to the Bruce Lee movie “Enter the Dragon”. In that movie, the man who responsible for the death of Lee’s sister, Oharra, tosses up a board and smashes it with his fist in an attempt to intimidate Lee. Lee looks at him and says, “Boards don’t hit back” and then proceeds to literally beat Oharra to death.

In the Democratic debates, Bush doesn’t get to hit back. But if the Dems try to use the same lame lines that they were using tonight when the real campaign starts vs. Bush, they will absolutely get pancaked in the election.

— Why did Al Gore come out for Howard Dean so early? I figure Gore looked at the field and saw that Dean was the most popular candidate, with the best grass roots organization, with the most money coming in, and the most momentum. Furthermore, the number two guy is the Clinton’s boy, Wesley Clark, a political novice looked at as little “too Republican” by much of the base. So by supporting Dean this early, not only will Gore raise his stature in the Democratic party by coming across as a “kingmaker” if and when Dean gets the nomination, but the Clinton’s stature will be diminished because they backed a candidate who lost to “Al Gore’s guy”. This will become much more relevant if Gore and Hill end up duking it out for the Democratic nomination in 2008. If Dean loses, as most political observers expect , there will be a lot of former Dean supporters who might at least have some fond memories of Gore supporting “their guy”. But hey, there’s even an outside chance that Dean will win and building up a reservoir of good will with the man who may be the next President isn’t a bad idea either.

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