Misc Commentary For Feb 12, 2004

— Vladimir Putin has been slowly but surely been using the power of the state to crush his political opponents and pushing Russia back towards a more authoritarian form of government. How far does he intend to go with this? I’m not sure, but these comments from Putin aren’t going to ease anyone’s concerns…

“The breakup of the Soviet Union is a national tragedy on an enormous scale (from which) only the elites and nationalists of the republics gained…I think that ordinary citizens of the former Soviet Union and the post-Soviet space gained nothing from this. On the contrary, people have faced a huge number of problems.”

It’s not very comforting to see the President of Russia pining for the days of the evil empire…

This picture of John Kerry and Jane Fonda standing together is starting to spread around the blogosphere. In fact, I’ve already seen it presented as legit at 3 different blogs.

However, I don’t believe that this is the real deal. Notice the telltale distortion around Kerry, Fonda, and the words in the pic that often accompanies photoshopped pics. More importantly, despite the fact that there very well may be pictures of Kerry and Fonda standing side by side, I don’t believe that they ever made the AP. If they did, I can almost guarantee you that the big name conservative mags would already have discovered & produced them.

Given that, I’d caution people to be skeptical about the validity of that pic.

— Tom “moof” Davies over at Something Awful (Some bad language and obscene links) has a brilliant plan that will help protect America from terrorists. He says it’s “top secret”, but I believe it consists of dropping millions of copies of this map all over the Middle-East…

— Here’s a story that hasn’t gotten enough play,

“Boos nearly drowned out “The Star-Spangled Banner” and dozens of Mexicans chanted “Osama! Osama!” as Mexico eliminated the United States in Olympic men’s soccer qualifying Tuesday night in Guadalajara.

“A loud anti-American crowd hollered as Mexico beat the United States 4-0 Tuesday night in the under-23 tournament, claiming a berth in the Athens Olympics,” the Associated Press reported today.”

How ironic is that the very fans who were out there chanting “Osama! Osama!” would be welcomed as US citizens by the Democrats or given a three year long guest worker pass by President Bush if they’re willing to break our laws and sneak across the borders? I hope they have footage of this somewhere so it can be put into commercials when the Dems and GOP start seriously debating immigration reform…

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