Misc Commentary For Feb 18, 2004

— We keep hearing that because America is “divided” and that there isn’t going to be much of a swing vote this year. Yep, everybody has basically already made up their mind so there’s no point in even trying to bring those undecided voters in. That’s complete bupkis folks. Just take a look at these Rasmussen poll numbers

Feb 15, 2004: John Kerry 48% — George Bush 44%
Jan 19, 2004: George Bush 50% — John Kerry 35%

Anybody still think there isn’t a large, fluid, swing vote out there?

— Just a little note about John Kerry. What does he have going for him other than the fact that he’s not Wesley Clark or Howard Dean? Kerry isn’t charismatic, he’s not particularly electable, he doesn’t seem to be firing up the base, and he didn’t even do a great job of raising money compared to Dean. One day down the line I suspect, probably not too long after the Bush campaign actually starts spending advertising money, the Democrats are going to be asking themselves how they started with a huge field of candidates and ended up with a nasty liberal version of Bob Dole as their nominee.

— I love all the faux outrage about the pic of Kerry and Fonda standing together that I suggested was a fake a week ago. Here’s a quote from an article in the Daily Telegraph that’ll give you an idea of what I’m talking about…

“An attempt to smear John Kerry, the Massachusetts senator and Democratic frontrunner, by doctoring a picture to show him next to the radical actress Jane Fonda was condemned by the photographer yesterday as a new low in political sleaze.”

Wow, you mean there are fake pics on the internet? Who would have ever suspected? This is really a new low isn’t it?

— One piece of preemptive advice for the President; stay out of Haiti. It’s not part of the war on terrorism, it’s not in our national interest to go there, and it’s not our problem. If the “international community” wants to help out, great, give them moral support. If not, so be it. Haiti was a mess a decade ago, it’s a mess today, it’s going to be a mess a decade from now, and it’s not our responsibility to fix it.

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