Misc Commentary For June 20, 2006

— Judging by his comments this week-end, the lesson John Murtha apparently took from Somalia and Beirut was to cut’n’run when the going gets tough. But, given that cutting and running encourages our enemies, isn’t the real lesson that we shouldn’t get involved militarily in any country unless we’re willing to hang in there even after American blood is spilled? That’s one of the big reasons why we should steer clear of situations where American interests aren’t at stake. If we don’t care enough to stick it out until the job is done in a country, then we shouldn’t be there in the first place.

— Remember the folks over at Truthout who claimed that Karl Rove had been indicted and then stuck by their story even after he was cleared? Well, they’ve now finally come forward to announce…that they’re still sticking by their story.

“On Tuesday, June 13, when the mainstream media broke their stories that Karl Rove had been exonerated, there were frank discussions amongst our senior editors about retracting our stories outright. The problem we wrestled with was what exactly do we retract? Should we say that Rove had not in fact been indicted? Should we say that our sources provided us with false or misleading information? Had Truthout been used? Without a public statement from Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald we felt that it was premature to retract our report.

After spending the past month retracing our steps and confirming facts, we’ve come full circle. Our sources continue to maintain that a grand jury has in fact returned an indictment. Our sources said that parts of the indictment were read to Karl Rove and his attorney on Friday, May 12, 2006. Last week, we pointed to a sealed federal indictment, case number “06 cr 128,” which is still sealed and we are still pointing to it. During lengthy conversations with our sources over the past month, they reiterated that the substance of our report on May 13, 2006, was correct, and immediately following our report, Karl Rove’s status in the CIA leak probe changed. In summary, as we press our investigation we find indicators that more of our key facts are correct, not less.

That leaves the most important question: If our sources maintain that a grand jury has returned an indictment – and we have pointed to a criminal case number that we are told corresponds to it – then how is it possible that Patrick Fitzgerald is reported to have said that ‘he does not anticipate seeking charges against Rove at this time?’ That is a very troubling question, and the truth is, we do not yet have a definitive answer.”

Hey, guys, “There is no pony under the manure“! (If you don’t get it, look here — but be warned, there is some bad language).

“Off duty New Castle police officers, supported by officers from other departments, held another in a series of demonstrations over their lack of a contract outside the Clinton residence on Old House Lane today.

The cops say they want their salaries more in line with other Westchester County departments, and are fighting increases in contributions to their health-insurance coverage.

U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was not home, according to one protester, but former President Bill Clinton was. However, he did not come out to chat with the officers, as he has in the past.”

In my book, there’s just no good excuse to protest outside of someone’s personal residence. It’s an invasion of privacy, it smacks of intimidation (we know where you live), and it inappropriately crosses the line between politics and people’s personal lives.

“As the fall elections approach, the Democrats have formally unveiled their platform for the war in Iraq: snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

At the very moment that documents captured from the Zarqawi death site indicate that Al Qaeda feels it is losing its war against the Iraqi future and has become so desperate that its only hope to prevail is by embroiling the U.S. in war with Iran; at the very moment Iraq’s democratically elected government is establishing itself as a functioning regime, and its increasingly capable military becomes more successfully engaged against the insurgents —at this critical moment for the future of Iraq and the Middle East, more than three quarters of the House Democrats have voted against a resolution to “complete the mission.”

For the first time in American history, a major political party wants America to run from a war we are winning.” — Peter Collier and David Horowitz

— Last week at Human Events, I wrote a column explaining Why Hillary Clinton Is a Weaker Candidate Than People Think. Well, the numbers from the latest CNN poll would seem to back up what I wrote rather well:

“Regarding potential Democratic candidates, 47 percent of respondents said they would “definitely vote against” both Clinton, the junior senator from New York who is running for re-election this year, and Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, the party’s candidate in 2004. (Poll)

Forty-eight percent said the same of former Vice President Al Gore, who has repeatedly denied he intends to run again for president.

…Among all choices, Clinton had the highest positive number; of those polled, 22 percent said they would “definitely vote for” her.”

Those are brutal numbers. 69% of the general public is at least claiming that they’ve already made up their mind about Hillary and she’d need to capture about 90% of the people who say they’re undecided just in order to break even. Of course, things can change over time, but as of today, those are really terrible numbers.

— Here’s an unintentionally hilarious (and telling) post from a commenter called SBJack from the very liberal Huffington Post. This one was so good that you just had to see it (Hat tip to Brainster’s Blog for pointing this out):

“Ms. Hirshman is right…quitting “life” to be a “mommy” and “hausfrau” IS a waste of a talented mind. Let me make this real clear:


Within the context of that belief, I think you can see why this is such a waste. The world has too many mouths to feed already. The youth of this country get shipped off to die in Corporate Wars fought for the profit of others. Our resources are dwindling, please explain why its a good idea to procreate? Is it your vanity at wanting a “little YOU”? Do you think your “precious” is going to save the world? Is “sweetums” going to change your Depends™ when you get old and gray?

Just why in the hell do you or anyone need to procreate?

To “cement” your loving life commitment with your partner? Someone who, by making this choice, you are going to send off to his own hamster wheel while you grow fat and resentful at home? What a great plan.


Being a mommy WAS a career choice when bearing offspring was about populating the farm with helping hands. Mommy was the shop boss. Now, she’s wasting petroleum and increasing pollution driving all over town to take the little ankle-bitiers off to soccer in SUV.

Get an education and then go do something with it other than wipe the snotty noses of your sniveling over-privileged children. There are plenty of uneducated idiots who believe Jay-Sus will provide who keep their legs apart for the ingress and egress of their dip-witted spawn. Witness Britney “Trailertrash” Spears. Now THAT was some career move.

It has nothing to do with “feminism” and everything to do with making smart choices in a f**ked up world. Motherhood is not a career choice.”

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