Misc Commentary For Oct 10, 2005

— Sometimes, the dog that doesn’t bark tells a tale. In this case, why is it that the blogosphere doesn’t seem to be stepping up to help the victims of a cataclysmic earthquake that has killed so many people in Pakistan? Is it that they’re not big fans of Pakistan? Are people too distracted by the Miers nomination? Is it donor fatigue after the Tsunami and Katrina that’s responsible?

Personally, I think the US government should pay particular attention to this quake, even if the public doesn’t. Pakistan, which has taken a big hit in this earthquake, has been a real help in the war on terror and Pervez Musharraf has caught a lot of hell for it from his own people. Now might be a great time to show everyone in Pakistan that there’s no better friend to have in a crisis than the United States. Also keep in mind that Bin Laden is likely still hiding out in the Pakistani back country. Helping Pakistan in their time of need might be just the thing to set a few tongues wagging about his whereabouts.

Most of the time, we help other countries in a situation just because it’s the right thing to do. In this case, it might actually have some strategic value to us as well.

— Just for comparison’s sake, I decided to look back to find my initial reaction to Bush’s nomination of John Roberts. Here it is:

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“Yes, yes, yes! Bush came through in the clutch with a great candidate!”

Things certainly have changed quite a bit, haven’t they?

— I caught “Serenity” this week-end and while I didn’t want to do a full review, I will tell you it is the best Sci-Fi flick I’ve seen in years. The movie had a great story line, scintillating dialogue, real suspense, great action sequences, solid special effects, one of the best villains I’ve seen in a long while, unapologetically ruthless good guys…. This is just a movie with no weaknesses. In fact, I already can’t wait to see it again when it comes out on video. This movie gets a huge thumbs up….

— Speaking of excellent Sci-Fi, I’ve been enjoying Surface, a new show on NBC at 8PM on Mondays. To make a long story short, these mysterious sea dragons have started appearing all over the planet and causing havoc. Scientists and the military are studying them, the plucky heroes are trying to find out more, and a young boy is actually raising one he found in an egg. I know, I know, you’re thinking: “Dragons? That sounds a little cheesy.” You won’t say that after you watch them swallow a small boat full of people whole with one giant gulp….or maybe you will if you’re not into science fiction. Let me just say this much: it has been so far, so good with the show and if you enjoy Sci-Fi, the show is probably worth checking out.

— Normally, I’m the first guy to defend the police when someone cries, “police brutality.” In fact, I once posted — and still stand behind — a strong defense of a police officer who used a taser on an injured 75-year old woman. But this assault by police in New Orleans was just indefensible:

“Two New Orleans police officers repeatedly punched a 64-year-old man accused of public intoxication, and another city officer assaulted an Associated Press Television News producer as a cameraman taped the confrontations.

There will be a criminal investigation, and the three officers were to be suspended, arrested and charged with simple battery Sunday, Capt. Marlon Defillo said.

…The APTN tape shows an officer hitting the man at least four times in the head Saturday night as he stood outside a bar near Bourbon Street. The suspect, Robert Davis, appeared to resist, twisting and flailing as he was dragged to the ground by four officers. Another of the four officers then kneed Davis and punched him twice. Davis was face-down on the sidewalk with blood streaming down his arm and into the gutter.

Meanwhile, a fifth officer ordered APTN producer Rich Matthews and the cameraman to stop recording. When Matthews held up his credentials and explained he was working, the officer grabbed the producer, leaned him backward over a car, jabbed him in the stomach and unleashed a profanity-laced tirade.”

Even though the suspect was struggling to break free of the officers, there was no excuse for punching him in the face over and over. And attacking a producer who happened to be on the scene and doing nothing wrong is even more inexcusable. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

All three of the officers who have currently been suspended — at a minimum — deserve to lose their badges over this.

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