Misc Commentary For October 16, 2003

Here are a few things I wanted to touch on that didn’t quite merit their own posts…

— This Austin Bay quote is spot-on….

“Intel is never perfect and rarely certain. Those who argue it should be before acting are exemplars of Churchill’s “unwisdom.” Pathetic Neville Chamberlain waited for absolute proof of Hitler’s perfidy. He got it — Nazi blitzkrieg.”

The problem we have with today’s Chamberlains — and there are a lot of them on the left — is that they figure that even if something does happen they can just spin it away. You can be certain that many of the same Democrats who are criticizing George Bush today would be the first ones to blame him if we hadn’t gone into Iraq and Saddam later somehow harmed our country. When it comes to defending our country, many politicians on the left take positions based on the politics of the moment, not based on principles. That’s a big part of the reason why the left is so incapable of dealing with tough foreign policy issues.

— Peter Kirsanow demolishes some of the cherished myths of the left about the 2000 Presidential race in his latest editorial. For example…

There’s absolutely no evidence that a single person was intimidated, harassed, or prevented from voting by Florida law-enforcement officials.

Despite claims of rampant police intimidation and harassment, the only evidence of law-enforcement “misconduct” consisted of just two witnesses who described their perceptions of the actions of the Florida highway patrol. One of these witnesses testified that he thought it was “unusual” to see an empty patrol car parked outside a polling place.

The second witness had filed a highly publicized complaint with the NAACP regarding a police motor-vehicle checkpoint.

….The evidence, however, shows that the checkpoint in question was two miles from the polling place. Moreover, it was not even on the same road as the polling facility.

….Much has been made of the “felon purge list,” i.e., a list of those individuals who, under Florida law, were to be barred from voting due to felony convictions…

But facts are stubborn things. Whites were actually twice as likely as blacks to be erroneously placed on the list. In fact, an exhaustive study by the Miami Herald concluded that “the biggest problem with the felon list was not that it prevented eligible voters from casting ballots, but that it ended up allowing ineligible voters to cast a ballot.”* According to the Palm Beach Post, more than 6,500 ineligible felons voted.

…And in 24 of the 25 counties that had the highest ballot-spoilage rates, the county supervisor was a Democrat. (In the remaining county the supervisor was not a Republican, but an independent.)”

So where are all the black voters who were supposedly disenfranchised? Why don’t we hear more about all the felons who voted since we all know criminals tend to vote for Democrats? Then there’s the fact that all the vote counts before & after the election by the media all showed that Bush won. Anyone who’s not a rabid partisan should be willing to admit at this point that Bush won the election in 2000 fair and square…

— I have no idea where Michael Ledeen gets his information, but if this is true, we need to take action immediately…

“As reported here some weeks ago, the Iranians believe they now have all the necessary components for a nuclear bomb. The only question is how long it will take them to assemble and test it. Khamenei had hoped to be able to test an atomic bomb by the third week in October, but his scientific advisers recently told him they could not make that deadline. They are now aiming for November 4 or 5, the anniversary of the seizure of the American embassy in Tehran during the revolution.”

I don’t care what it takes, under no circumstances should Bush risk letting the Iranians build a nuke. If that means we need to fly in there and bomb their nuclear sites like the Israelis did to Saddam, let’s do it. If the only way to stop the Iranians is full out war, then start pulling the troops out of Europe and South Korea now and let’s go to war. The Islamo-Fascists who run Iran are pro-terrorist, anti-American thugs and we should use ANY MEANS NECESSARY to prevent them from producing a working nuclear weapon.

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