Misc. Notes

Misc: A few things of note…

— I’ve added some new forms of advertising to RWN. Of course, RWN still has the $15 88×31 buttons that stay up for a month. But, we now have advertisements that go in the daily news section and on the the main page. So if you’re looking to get the word out about your product or blog, there are some VERY affordable ways to do it on RWN.

— My email address is changing from webmaster -at- rightwingnews.com to johnhawkins -at- rightwingnews.com. That is reflected in the new contact section.

— As regular readers of RWN know, I take week-ends off. That means there are no daily news updates on the week-ends. Rather than leave up Friday’s news until Monday, I have decided to start linking 10 “retro” articles from RWN each week-end. I have a VAST amount of material archived on this page and I might as well start getting more of it in front of the new readers.

— Speaking of archives (and a search function), I am still attempting to get those features up and working for RWN. We do have accessible archives (click on the time on one of my posts and you’re in). However, I’m trying to put things into an easier to use format. Movable Type has a search and archives function, but unfortunately I had to strip MT down to the bones to fit it into my blog and I have been unable to get those functions to work. If you know of anyone who fixes that sort of thing, even for a reasonable fee, let me know.

Last but not least, why don’t you show our current advertisers that they made a smart decision by signing up with us? You can do that by taking a look at their websites. Our advertisers are Between The Coasts, Zogby Blog, Electric Venom, Those Shirts, Ravenwood’s Universe, Solomonia, & The Politiblog. Thanks for advertising with RWN!

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