Misc Vacation Commentary

Vacation Commentary

While I was on vacation last week, here are a few things that caught my eye:

— I didn’t realize that Frank J. had an In My World, The Book out. I bet that’s a great book. A really funny read!

— Michael Irvin appears to have gotten away, scot free, with the same sort of rant that got Jimmy “The Greek” fired. That doesn’t seem right to me:

“You may have missed when noted sociologist and anthropological expert Michael Irvin stated that Tony Romo must have African lineage in his genome, which explains why the Dallas Cowboys quarterback is such a good athlete.

Said Irvin on a national radio show this week: “He doesn’t look like he’s that type of an athlete. But he is. He is, man. I don’t know … some brother down in that line somewhere … I don’t know who saw what or where, his great-great-great-great-grandma ran over in the ‘hood or something went down.”

But he said it and I do not believe Irvin was kidding. The host of the show apparently did not think Irvin was joking, either. He responded to Irvin, “Oh, that’s the only way he can be a great athlete?”

“That’s not the only way, but it’s certainly one way,” Irvin replied. “If great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandma pulled one of them studs up out of the barn (and said), ‘Come on in here for a second,’ you know, and they go out and work in the yard. You know, back in the day.”

Now, here’s what Jimmy “The Greek” got fired for back in 1988:

“During the slave period, the slave owner would breed his big black with his big woman so that he would have a big black kid — that’s where it all started.”

What’s the big difference? There isn’t much of one beyond the race of the person making the comment.

— Here’s a very old, very funny, very obscene article that I reread over the holidays called, “Twenty-six things a perfect guy would do, and other propaganda disseminated by misguided women.” Enjoy!

— This comment from Charlie Rangel caught my eye,

“If a young fella has an option of having a decent career or joining the army to fight in Iraq, you can bet your life that he would not be in Iraq.”

It’s amazing to me that even the Democrats who have been in the military, like John Kerry and Rangel, don’t like or respect other people who are in the military. In their view, the military is made up of stupid saps and killbots who were tricked into signing up and were then brainwashed and even though these libs try not to let it show, what they really think seems to slip out with regularlity.

— The six wacky imams on a plane incident sounds like either a publicity stunt by the imams or maybe a practice run for a terrorist attack, to see how much the imams or terrorists they might be cooperating with could get away with. Either way, not only was US Airways wise to get rid of them, they should it use it in their advertising. Can’t you just see the commercial?

US Airways: We take security seriously.

Cut to perky flight attendant: These six men were moving to different parts of the plane, asking for seatbelt extensions that they didn’t use, and loudly criticizing the United States. It seemed very suspicious!

Cut to pilot: As a pilot, my first concern is always the safety of my passengers and I wasn’t going to risk taking off if there was going to be a dangerous situation in the cabin.

Cut to US Airways manager: Yeah, we caught some flack for removing those men from the plane. The newspapers attacked us and not everyone was happy with it, but we’re okay with that. We don’t mind taking some criticism if it keeps our customers safe.

Cut to passenger with small child: I was very happy when they took those imams off that plane because I knew that it meant US Airways was looking out for our safety. That’s why US Airways is the only airline I trust enough to take my daughter on.

The cute as a button six year old daughter speaks: And they were so friendly, too, Mommy!

Cut back to pilot: US airways: we take security seriously!

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